BEND, OR--(Marketwired - Jul 25, 2016) - Entrepreneurs have a unique mindset and often see opportunity where others do not. While helping build company success is a trait many have, entrepreneurs like Dwight and Marilee Johnson sometimes see the upside of a situation overlooked by others. They transformed a small hobby farm into, a national provider of goat milk soaps and lotions through innovative methods summarized in 8 points any entrepreneur can apply to their businesses.

When son Chance was struggling with eczema, Dwight made goat milk soap thinking it might help and it did; the eczema cleared and he saw a business idea. The Johnson family farm shifted from hobby goat farm to goat milk soap and today is a leading provider of totally-natural toxin-free goat milk soaps, lotions, lip balms, bath products and more to loyal customers nationwide, as well as 14 other countries.

With Dwight's entrepreneurial instincts and wife Marilee's business degree, the couple were off and running. Even their 8 homeschooled children, ages 1 to 12, pitch in by milking and feeding goats, greeting customers, helping label soap and ship orders, as NBC's KGW-TV reported about Bend Soap.

Dwight said, "Our business is named for Bend, Oregon where our farm is located but even a rural business has much in common with any high-tech, manufacturing, or service company when it comes to requiring a consistently creative and disciplined innovative approach to the market. Just as a farm will fail if it doesn't rotate crops properly, any company in any industry will fail if it loses sight of the basics."

The Johnsons offer 8 Key Concepts any entrepreneur can use to help build a business:

  • 1. Don't be scared out of entering a market simply because there is competition. Identify why you are unique, then BE THE BEST and gain market share.
  • 2. Build a competent TEAM. Surround yourself with individuals who have unique abilities and love to serve.
  • 3. QUALITY of Product is crucial. Don't compromise.
  • 4. A loyal customer is the greatest gift! Treat your customers how you'd like to be treated... like family. Always go above and beyond.
  • 5. Stick to the Fundamentals. As every ball coach knows, the game is won by basics. Know and focus on your CORE strengths.
  • 6. Keep a pulse on the market. Always be learning - but don't jump on every fad that comes along.
  • 7. Tortoise and the Hare. It doesn't always have to be about growing as fast as you can. Slow and Steady wins the race.
  • 8. If we're not having fun, we're doing something wrong.

"Our market niche is a wholesome all-natural quality product that our customers love," said Dwight. 

Marilee added, " believes that quality of product and building customer loyalty are at the heart of our success. We exclusively offer all-natural toxin-free goat milk soaps and lotions to a growing number of loyal customers across the USA and around the world."

Dwight added, "Running a farm keeps you grounded. When you feel that you are so smart and riding high on soap sale success, goats have to be fed and milked and fields have to be watered and hay put up. Basking in success is for after dinner and not for long." offers the world's most natural toxin-free goat milk soaps, lotions, milk baths, deodorants, lip butter, sugar scrubs, and a variety of accessories and gift sets online at The Johnson family business is also on social media at,,,, and Google at For media, contact at

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