NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 26, 2016) - Programmatic advertising company Varick Media Management announced today its integration with VideoAmp's video DSP for cross-screen campaigns. Video consumption has become increasingly fragmented as consumers move from traditional TV to Internet-connected devices. Because of this, marketers often struggle to identify their audiences at each touch point. Varick's partnership with VideoAmp will allow for brands to reach their consumers with consistent and relevant messaging across all screens.

"The average person is no longer sitting down to watch their favorite TV show at the time it's broadcasted. Video-on-demand, connected TV, and mobile streaming have all led to fragmented consumption patterns among consumers," said Paul Rostkowski, President at Varick. "With VideoAmp's technology, we are able to find, target and optimize to audiences across multiple devices."

This partnership will provide Varick with the ability to plan, buy and optimize cross-screen campaigns through a single interface -- VideoAmp's Screen Optimization Platform. This platform uses a unique algorithm against multiple data sets and providers to identify precise audiences at each screen. VideoAmp's cross-screen audience IDs provides Varick with specific information on consumers' connected devices along with their publisher preferences and consumption patterns, allowing for more accurate targeting. 

Recently, Varick was tasked with running a campaign for a supermarket chain with the goal of a high completion rate. The client also wanted to remain completely aligned with Hispanic content. In order to do so, VideoAmp provided Varick with a full Hispanic white list that was scalable with DMA targeting. Additionally, the VideoAmp platform made anti-targeting specific layered data points very easy, allowing Varick to exceed campaign goals for the client.

"Typically, the planning and buying of video is done in silos. We are excited to introduce Varick to a single interface solution to execute their comprehensive cross-screen video campaigns," said Jay Prasad, Chief Business Officer at VideoAmp. "VideoAmp's technology bridges the data divide between TV, digital, and OTT platforms, enabling the seamless planning, packaging and optimization of cross-screen audiences for the benefit of both advertisers and media owners."

VideoAmp's one-of-a-kind "Drill-Down Optimization" tool provides insight into the factors that may be negatively affecting a campaign's performance and allows traders to turn those factors off. Varick's traders are able to filter top performing metrics and make micro optimizations to deliver desired results.

"We are very impressed with VideoAmp's console and its optimization features," explains Brad Nunn, Trading Lead at Varick. "It allows for unique exclusion recommendation mechanics and enables us to block multiple layers of inventory sources without creating multiple campaigns."

With VideoAmp's granular reporting tool, clients can also expect a full analysis on campaign results across each media touch point.

About Varick Media Management
Varick Media Management is a programmatic advertising company servicing brands and agencies with proprietary campaign management software, Alveo. This platform enables marketers to build data-driven creative assets, buy across multiple inventory and data sources, and measure campaign performance through a single interface. Varick's service rests on three pillars for programmatic success: a world-class technology platform, transparency into all aspects of campaign deployment and optimization, and a full-service trading practice that leverages data science to drive campaign results. 

About VideoAmp
VideoAmp develops technology that enables advertisers and media owners to transact seamlessly across devices and has developed the world's first Screen Optimization Platform. VideoAmp's Screen Optimization Platform enables advertisers the ability to plan, buy and measure deduplicated and precise audiences across linear, VOD, OTT, desktop, and mobile content. VideoAmp enables content owners to package linear TV, on-demand and digital assets holistically with data-driven optimization. VideoAmp offers a unique enterprise software solution that can be delivered as a service or via a suite of customizable APIs. Founded in 2014, VideoAmp has offices located in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and the Netherlands. For more information, follow VideoAmp on Twitter @Video_Amp or visit

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