SAN MATEO, CA--(Marketwired - July 27, 2016) - In an industry first, Farsight Security, Inc. today announced Domain Sentry, a breakthrough cybersecurity technology that can monitor and alert organizations to any real-time changes to their Internet presence to counter sophisticated cyber threats as well as improve operational security.

Domain Sentry, along with Brand Sentry, also announced today, will debut at Black Hat USA 2016, taking place July 30th- August 4th, 2016 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Farsight created both "Sentry" products using innovative filtering techniques and now, for the first time, users have the ability to take global real-time Internet intelligence and apply it specifically to their environment.

Domain Sentry enables organizations to monitor their domain names and IP addresses to gain unprecedented insights when their existing domains move IP addresses, use different name or mail exchanges and when different domains resolve into their IP addresses, and more.

"Every day cybercriminals easily manipulate DNS, our critical yet fragile Internet highway, to commit Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), fraud and other crime. The good news is that prevention is not dead. Every organization can -- and should -- make DNS security part of their organization's daily security hygiene. Domain Sentry is a simple, easy-to-use solution that monitors important domain names and IPs to enable organizations to proactively protect their business," said Farsight Security CEO and Internet pioneer, Dr. Paul Vixie.

Domain Sentry: How It Works

Domain Sentry is built upon Farsight's Security Information Exchange (SIE) platform, a highly scalable data-sharing platform in which data is collected, aggregated, processed, and rebroadcast in real-time. Organizations can set their own pre-defined parameters to watch specific domains or IP addresses. It reports on global changes when existing domains purposely, inadvertently or maliciously:

  • Move to a new IP address
  • Use different name servers
  • Use a new mail exchange
  • Start using IPv6 or DNSSEC

Domain Sentry Use Cases

  • Detection of compromised hosts: Detecting whenever unaffiliated domains start resolving into the organizations IP address space.
  • Domain hijacking or domain theft: Fraudulently changing the resolution of a domain name without the permission of its original registrant.
  • Monitoring of infrastructure changes: Verifying authorized changes are made successfully and working as expected, e.g. moving a domain to a different IP or creation of a new domain in one's IP space.

Pricing & Availability

Domain Sentry is available now. Pricing starts at $19,500. For more information on subscription services, contact a Farsight Security account executive at or call +1-650-489-7919. In addition to Domain Sentry, Brand Sentry is also available. Additional Sentry products are planned for 2017.

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Farsight Security, Inc. provides the world's largest real-time threat intelligence on changes to the Internet. Leveraging proprietary technology with over 200,000 observations/second, Farsight provides the Internet's view of an organization and how it is changing purposely, inadvertently or maliciously. For more information on Farsight Security, Inc., please visit https:/

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