NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 4, 2016) - Today, programmatic advertising company Varick Media Management announced the release of the RECO Engine, a proprietary decisioning tool that analyzes a campaign's performance alongside pricing and supply trends to make data-driven optimization suggestions in real time. Programmatic media trading optimizations can be time-consuming and manual. The RECO Engine was built to improve this process by finding efficiencies across inventory sources that would be impossible by human trading. With this tool, campaign strategies are improved to deliver the highest possible ROI.

The RECO Engine resides within Alveo, Varick's campaign management platform, and is fed by log-level and pixel data to provide suggestions for routing spend to the proper strategies, channels and DSPs. Log-level data provides RECO with ad-impression data from multiple DSP partners, while the pixel data provides the frequency and recency of customer site visits. Once provided with enough data, the RECO Engine will inform buying across channels based on campaign goals. The tool sifts through campaign data to find pockets of inventory that are overindexing to meet or exceed client-set KPIs.

The addition of the RECO Engine to Alveo provides marketers with the ability to provide a fully customized experienced to each of their potential consumers. The RECO Engine's fast and adaptive algorithms optimize a campaign for each consumer based on a variety of parameters from device the consumer is using down to the type of content they are browsing on the web. Marketers can be assured that their audience is receiving the most relevant user experience possible.

"The RECO Engine has added another layer of efficiency to our trading operation," says Sandie Milberg, Chief Revenue Officer at Varick Media Management. "Its ability to analyze billions of data points in real time and translate them into actionable optimizations has provided our traders with the flexibility to manage multiple campaigns without sacrificing performance."

In a recent campaign with a regional airline client, Varick was tasked with driving online bookings for customers traveling to a handful of locations. The RECO Engine was used to analyze site visitation and conversion activity to determine optimal recency and frequency parameters for the campaign. With its recommendations, Varick was able to determine the optimal bidding strategies to reach consumers at the right time in the purchase funnel to drive them to book.

"Our client's campaign with Varick Media saw great results, thanks to the optimizations provided by the RECO Engine," explained Matt Bregel, Director of Digital Media at Siquis LTD. "Varick was able to exceed our campaign goal of driving bookings, with a 20% increase in ticket sales from April to May without increasing spend."

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Varick Media Management is a programmatic advertising company servicing brands and agencies with proprietary campaign management software, Alveo. This platform enables marketers to build data-driven creative assets, buy across multiple inventory and data sources, and measure campaign performance through a single interface. Varick's service rests on three pillars for programmatic success: a world-class technology platform, transparency into all aspects of campaign deployment and optimization, and a full-service trading practice that leverages data science to drive campaign results.

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