BALTIMORE, MD--(Marketwired - August 10, 2016) - Terbium Labs, the company behind Matchlight, the world's first fully private, fully automated, data intelligence system, today announced that its dark web insights are available in the IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis portfolio. Designed to bring clarity to complex investigations, IBM i2 users will now be able to access Terbium Labs' Matchlight data intelligence system alerts of potential leaks of sensitive information to help mitigate data theft. These unique insights and analytics support IBM's Safer Planet initiative -- a global effort to help government and commercial business leaders detect, disrupt, and prevent physical and cyber threats through the use of analytics.

Offering a new and innovative approach to information security based on a large-scale, dark web search engine and a patented data fingerprinting technology, Matchlight is designed to continuously scan for compromised client data. Using cryptographic hashing, Matchlight ensures that no one -- not even Terbium Labs -- is able to read the original data. Matchlight's web crawler indexes billions of new fingerprints every day, providing wide visibility across some of the most volatile places on the dark Web. Users of Matchlight can see breach detection go from days or months to just minutes.

To showcase the complementary nature of the i2 and Matchlight products, IBM and Terbium Labs have created a series of technical whitepapers focused on real-world use cases. The first paper examines the leak of healthcare data from GreatWest Cardio Clinic and how analytical software with powerful data filtering technology was used to help speed internal investigations and protect patient records and personally identifiable information. To download a copy of the whitepaper, go to

"We are pleased to work with IBM i2 to make greater use of security data, speed recovery and minimize loss caused by inevitable data breaches and other fraudulent or criminal activity," said Danny Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of Terbium Labs.

Terbium Labs' COO Tyler Carbone joined Bob Stasio, host of IBM's Cyber Beat Live, to discuss the dark web and dispel common mistruths and misconceptions that permeate the industry. To listen to the June 2016 show go to: Also check out the guest blog post, "What is the Dark Web?" by Mr. Carbone on the Hub.

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Terbium Labs protects organizations from relentless attempts to steal data for personal, monetary or political gain. Offering continuous, private and proactive monitoring of critical data and rapid theft detection, Terbium Labs enables companies to better manage risk in a dynamic business environment and keep high-value data safe. Matchlight, Terbium Labs' data intelligence system, automatically alerts companies when elements of its data appear in unexpected places on the Dark Web. With Matchlight, companies avoid the uncertainty and incident response delays common to data breaches, helping to dramatically reduce the cost of a data breach while keeping customer trust and loyalty intact. Learn more about Terbium Labs and Matchlight by visiting or follow us on Twitter @TerbiumLabs.

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