SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 15, 2016) -  DB Networks®, a leader in database cybersecurity, today announced that it will be exhibiting at the NSA Information Assurance Symposium (IAS) from Aug. 16-18 in Washington, D.C., in booth number 724; and at the CyberTexas Conference from Aug. 23-24 in San Antonio, Texas, in booth number 110. 

At these upcoming events, DB Networks will hold booth demonstrations of the DBN-6300, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based database security appliance that non-intrusively discovers databases, immediately alerts when databases are under attack and pinpoints credentials that have been compromised.

IT security teams are severely understaffed, and presently there's a shortage of more than 200,000 security professionals in the U.S. In addition, security operation centers (SOCs) are deluged with alerts each day and security personnel are able to respond to only a small fraction of the alerts. AI-based security solutions address these issues by being extremely accurate at identifying actual attacks, thus eliminating false positive alerts, and also by alleviating overworked staff from creating and maintaining white lists/black lists.

DB Networks is dedicated to protecting mission critical databases through its patented AI technologies that utilize machine learning and behavioral analysis. Operating non-intrusively at the database tier, directly in front of the database servers, the DBN-6300 and Layer 7 Database Sensor are in the optimal location to conduct deep analysis of database traffic. These products can immediately and automatically identify compromised database credentials, non-intrusively discover all databases (including the undocumented databases), pinpoint traffic to/from restricted segments, and detect advanced database attacks.

About DB Networks®
DB Networks innovates database cybersecurity products. Its customers include the world's largest financial institutions, healthcare providers, manufacturers, and governments. DB Networks technology non-intrusively assesses database infrastructures through deep protocol extraction, machine learning, and behavioral analysis. Customers gain insights by discovering all active databases, identifying tables being accessed, and the specific applications accessing the databases. In addition, analyzing application database access that deviates from the model of normal application behavior immediately identifies compromised credentials and database attacks. DB Networks is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, Calif. For more information, call (800) 598-0450 or visit the company's website at

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