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  • New cloud-based platform Enterprise Media Platform
  • E911 and Performance Support capabilities
  • Contract extension through December 2020

Globecomm, a leading global communications solutions provider, announced today that it is renewing a contract with Rollins, Inc. (NYSE: ROL) for its Corporate Communications and Organizational Learning application, and will be migrating Rollins from the on-premise Enterprise Media Platform to Globecomm's Cloud Platform. As part of Globecomm's continuing evolution to cloud-based services it is taking advantage of newer technologies to offer its customers, including Rollins, a better solution for their enterprise communications.

Paul Scardino, SVP Sales Operations/Engineering and Marketing, stated, "The long-term relationship with Rollins is the epitome of Globecomm's core values. We work closely with our customers to know and understand their needs, which allows us to fully grasp their goals and expectations and provide the solutions that exceed those expectations."

The platform will encompass a roadmap of new features common to Globecomm's Internet of Things (IoT) Platform including E911 and Performance Support along with upgrades to its analytics capabilities to provide greater efficiency, increased safety, cost savings and improved performance for Rollins. These improvements will ultimately help Rollins improve its profit margin. The contract renewal is through December 2020 and the migration onto the new platform will be completed during the first quarter of 2017. 

John Torres, Managing Director, Rollins Learning and Development, said, "Globecomm's new cloud-based platform will allow us to deliver high-quality interactive video content -- live or recorded -- for employee training, internal communications and digital display on computers, televisions and mobile devices across the enterprise. The migration to cloud expands our capabilities while allowing us to reduce operating expenses. We value the long-term partnership we have established with Globecomm and look forward to the future."

About Globecomm

Globecomm is a leading global communications provider serving media, commercial and government markets in over 80 countries. The company employs engineering expertise in consulting services, system design and integration, maritime and mobile communications, media services, and mission critical networks, to provide its customers the optimal solution. Globecomm is dedicated to improving communications and leverages its world class, global network to offer end-to-end, managed service communication's solutions worldwide.

Based in Hauppauge, New York, Globecomm also maintains offices in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, The Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and Indonesia. For more information, please visit http://www.globecomm.com

About Rollins, Inc.

Rollins, Inc. is a premier global consumer and commercial services company. Through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Orkin LLC., HomeTeam Pest Defense, Orkin Canada, Western Pest Services, Critter Control, Inc., The Industrial Fumigant Company, Trutech LLC., Rollins Australia, Waltham Services LLC., PermaTreat, Rollins UK, and Crane Pest Control, the Company provides essential pest control services and protection against termite damage, rodents and insects to more than two million customers in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa, Mexico, and Australia from more than 700 locations. You can learn more about Rollins and its subsidiaries by visiting our web sites at www.orkin.comwww.pestdefense.com, www.orkincanada.ca, www.westernpest.com, www.crittercontrol.com, www.indfumco.com, www.trutechinc.comwww.allpest.com.au, www.walthamservices.com, www.permatreat.com, www.cranepestcontrol.com, www.murraypestcontrol.com.au, www.statewidepestcontrol.com.au, www.safeguardpestcontrol.co.uk, and www.rollins.com. You can also find this and other news releases at www.rollins.com by accessing the news releases button.

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