ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Aug 17, 2016) -  Dr. Jack Ito, (Coach Jack) a licensed clinical psychologist, who works as a marriage and relationship coach and specializes in reconciling on the edge marriages, is pleased to announce the availability of his new book titled "Overcome Neediness and Get the Love You Want." The new book focuses on how to end insecure behaviors in order to have happier and more successful relationships. With a no fluff, clear, direct approach that busy and successful people appreciate, Coach Jack takes the struggle out of overcoming neediness, avoiding bad relationships, and securely putting stalled relationships back on track. This book is uniquely suited for building strong relationships without needing the cooperation of one's partner. It answers the question, "what do I do now?" and is the go-to book for overcoming neediness.

According to Coach Jack, "Married people need to be secure in order to effectively respond to modern challenges past generations didn't have to deal with. Single people need to be secure in order to make sure they have the right partner before they make a lifetime commitment. I wrote this book to help needy single and married people to change the behaviors that are ruining their relationships," said Coach Jack. "You have to overcome neediness if you want to find the right person, get the right person to marry you, and then be able to maintain your relationship for a lifetime after that." 

"Overcome Neediness and Get the Love You Want" uses clear examples and explanations that address the following topics:

  • How neediness is messing up your life
  • How you became needy
  • Creating a new secure you
  • Dating like a secure person
  • Loving and relating like a secure person
  • A secure way to find a marriage partner
  • Getting a reluctant partner to commit to marriage
  • Slaying the green eyed monster of jealousy
  • Staying secure and attractive in a relationship crisis
  • Securely managing everyday conflicts
  • How to help a needy partner to become secure
  • How to use principles of security for a lifetime of success

"Overcome Neediness and Get the Love You Want," is published by Loving Solutions Publishing and is available in paperback from online booksellers, by order from local bookstores or as a Kindle download. This book is also available on

About Jack Ito Ph.D.
Dr. Jack Ito (Coach Jack) is a licensed clinical psychologist, who works as a marriage and relationship coach and specializes in reconciling on the edge marriages. He believes that most people divorce not because their relationships can't be improved but because people don't know how to improve them. His teaching is based on the principle "when we change the way we relate to others; they change the way they relate to us." Coach Jack holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary Graduate School of Psychology and has over 20 years of experience in the field of counseling and relationship coaching. A former clinical assistant professor of psychology at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pa., Coach Jack has also worked with the U.S. Navy, helping Marines cope with post-traumatic stress and reconnecting with their spouses, post-deployment. He is the author of four books, "Overcome Neediness and Get the Love You Want," "What to Do When He Won't Change," "Connecting Through Yes!" and "Therapy Beyond All Expectations," published by Loving Solutions Publishing. For more information about Dr. Jack Ito and for free relationship articles, please visit

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