STOWE, VT--(Marketwired - Aug 17, 2016) - Dr. Bob Arnot, founder of Daktari and Dr. Danger Coffee, donated $5,000 this last month to the Nderi Sacred Heart School and Children's Home. The direct beneficiaries of this donation are 82 children and youth who range from preschool to university age students, as well as 69 home residents. Some of the greatest challenges faced by this school are a lack of water supply systems, inappropriate sanitation systems and the lack of staff and teachers. The funds donated by Arnot's Daktari and Dr. Danger Coffee will be allocated for food, water and school fees for university, technical college and secondary students.

Arnot says that after all the field work he engaged in as a journalist and former chief medical correspondent and foreign correspondent for CBS, NBC and MSNBC, as well as his travels producing his Dr. Danger reality TV series, including encountering the pirates in Somalia, jumping into the depths of the Darfur crisis and patrolling for Taliban with the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan, he was exposed to many areas and communities that were in desperate needed help. After recognizing that coffee, the cash crop in many of these countries, was being underutilized he decided to launch his own brand of high-performance healthy coffee, Daktari and Dr. Danger Coffee, to bring sustainable development to some of these regions so they could build a future for themselves.

"I found the finest coffee at high altitudes in Kenya and Ethiopia where the bean is challenged to be its best," said Arnot, who during his travels as Dr. Danger took audiences on thrill-seeking, dangerous adventures to Africa exploring the wilds of Somalia, Kenya, South Africa, Yemen, Botswana and Sudan. "The launch of Daktari and Dr. Danger Coffee was done on two main premises: to develop the very best coffees in the world by teaching farmers in these regions how to grow the best coffee beans with the greatest health benefits; and to give something back to the community by supporting orphanages in Kenya, which care for some of the most impoverished children in Africa, while working with farmers and buyers to encourage them to grow even better beans with a greater economic reward for themselves and their families."

Administrators of the schools say students like Lydia Waithira are grateful to live at Nderi Sacred Heart School and Children's Home, because she has food, a place to sleep and a place to learn; and Moses Thiga, who was previously not able to study because he did not have the economic means, now says he has found peace and joy in a place that allows him to pursue his studies. Thanks to the efforts and donations of organizations like Arnot's, the Nderi Sacred Heart School and Children's Home is able to put smiles on many children's faces and give them an opportunity to be educated and empowered in their communities.

"Coffee is the healthiest new superfood we have and it has everything to do with its bioactive ingredients," said Arnot. "It's also the most readily available and accessible way to get healthy polyphenols on a regular basis." 

Daktari and Dr. Danger Coffee have been carefully grown, selected and roasted to provide the best health benefits while helping African communities in need through proceeds of coffee sales. Both coffee brands have received some of the very highest scores for taste by Coffee Review and can be purchased on and at:

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