ITASCA, IL--(Marketwired - August 17, 2016) - Flexera Software, the leading provider of next-generation software licensing, compliance, security and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises, today launched App Broker 2016 for ServiceNow™, empowering organizations using ServiceNow to provide intelligent license checking and software reclamation within that environment, and deliver automated deployment of applications directly from the ServiceNow Service Portal.

App Broker 2016 for ServiceNow enables the ServiceNow Service Portal to function like an enterprise app store that is also capable of optimizing license usage, maintaining license compliance and controlling deployment of desktop, mobile and cloud applications. The new solution permits organizations to significantly enhance their investment in the ServiceNow platform to improve efficiency, reduce costs and lessen software audit risk.

"Flexera Software's Software Asset Management solution, FlexNet Manager Suite, and enterprise App Store, App Portal, help organizations manage software assets strategically across their lifecycle. They also help IT Operations make applications available immediately while ensuring continuous license compliance and avoiding shelfware," said Maureen Polte, Vice President of Product Management at Flexera Software. "App Broker 2016 for ServiceNow plugs right into ServiceNow, effectively allowing it to function as an enterprise app store. At the same time comprehensive software governance and automation will ensure IT remains in control."

The ServiceNow Service Portal is a one-stop shop for employees that need IT services. After a user requests an application through Service Portal, App Broker for ServiceNow automatically evaluates software product license and use rights to determine whether a new license is required or whether one is available in existing inventory. If one is available, the solution will reserve it -- removing the license from the inventory thus ensuring on-going software license compliance. The request is then sent through the ServiceNow approval process, and once sanctioned, App Broker for ServiceNow directs the appropriate deployment system to deliver the application to the employee's device or enable their account for cloud applications.

Leveraging asset management data from FlexNet Manager Suite -- including license entitlement data -- App Broker for ServiceNow also ensures that application requests are fulfilled in the most cost-effective manner. For instance, it evaluates license requirements and availability for each application request and upon doing so expedites approved software fulfillment to the employee's device. For example, if an employee requests the same application on her desktop and laptop computer, App Broker for ServiceNow will check to see if entitlements in the contract allow for a right of second use -- in which case it will only deduct one license from the inventory rather than two -- saving the company from unnecessarily having to purchase an additional license. Other product use rights evaluated for each request include: upgrade, downgrade and exemptions - such as for Microsoft Developer Network membership.

App Broker for ServiceNow also allows IT to proactively address any issues throughout the software provisioning process. During the software delivery stage, it continually monitors request status -- generating an incident notification if application delivery is not successful. It also helps customers reduce waste when employees aren't using the software they already have. Integrated with FlexNet Manager Suite, the solution lets IT reclaim software by uninstalling unused or rarely used applications -- freeing up expensive licenses for reuse.

App Broker 2016 for ServiceNow:

  • Easily snaps into the ServiceNow Service Portal
  • Populates an authorized list of software titles to the ServiceNow Service Catalog
  • Provisions cloud services and expedites software delivery


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