SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - August 18, 2016) - Radioimmunotherapy is experiencing a renaissance, and Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NYSE MKT: ATNM) is in position to benefit, according to company executive chairman Sandesh Seth. With two assets targeting treatment of AML in older adults in clinical trials, and a platform primed to "nuke cancer," the company has a number of milestones in its near future that investors should be watching.

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Can you give an introduction to Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc. and its mission?

Sandesh Seth: Actinium has the simple mission of using radioimmunotherapies to "nuke cancer," with a focus on cancers with high unmet needs, where traditional cancer therapies do not work. Most people are unfamiliar with radioimmunotherapy, but they are familiar with its two core components, which are monoclonal antibodies that target specific markers on cancer cells, and radioisotopes that kill cancer cells by emitting radiation energy. The result of this combination is a targeted, powerful cancer killing therapy that does not have many of the side effects and toxicities seen with traditional cancer therapies, such as chemotherapy and external beam radiation. We believe Actinium is a leader in the field of radioimmunotherapy and we are very excited for the future.

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