OKLAHOMA CITY, OK--(Marketwired - August 22, 2016) - BCD Associates, Inc., a leader in Industrial DVD recorders and control systems, has again expanded the feature set of its HDi-250 High Resolution video recorder. All new features are included in the new v2.8 firmware update.

Automatic Video Format Detection is fully implemented at power-on and when video input is changed. "PAL and NTSC are easy to differentiate," said Robert Howard, Vice President of Product Development. "High Resolution Video has over 30 different formats from SD 720x480 NTSC/PAL to HD1920x1080p60 and, when properly equipped, 4K UHD & DCI. We need to be accurate to insure highest picture quality." From HDMI, Component and Composite inputs, the HDi-250 detects the image size, codec, resolution, frame rate and video standard, all in less than a second. The operator can override the auto-settings for special applications.

BCD takes security very seriously. The HDi now includes

  • Front panel button lockout to prevent an accidental button push
  • 6-digit Supervisor PIN to control operator access to networking and other sensitive operational parameters
  • 6-digit Operator PIN to restrict operation to authorized users

These settings control network file sharing, remote file access, network control, and can be set to restrict all operations to remote-only. Security settings are available only from the front panel, not remotely. Additionally, RSA public/private key authentication is used for SSH access. For normal operation, the HDi-250 shows up as a Windows compatible network node for easy file transfer.

Standard Features

  • Multiple Record Targets: Hard Drive, Optical Disc or USB drive
  • Multiple Record Formats: Recordings may be as MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or .vob files (HD MPEG-2 scaled for DVD recording)
  • Dual Stream Recording: Record to both HD and SD files simultaneously.
  • Record files Direct-to-Disc
  • Multiple Disc formats: Any recording may be copied from the hard drive to +R, - R, +RW or Blu-Ray media
  • Wake-On-Lan: The HDi can be powered on by a message over the Local Area Network

Full Remote

The HDi-250 has been proven for use with computer control as well as Crestron®, Extron®, and AMX® controllers. Full remote capabilities are available via TCP/IP LAN and RS-232. Multiple Inputs include High Definition HDMI, Component and SD Composite. Remote capabilities are enhanced by the new Graphical User Interface from its internal webserver.

1U Rack Form Factor

The HDi-250 is housed in a rugged enclosure with rack-ears supplied for easy operation as a desktop or rack unit. The HDi-250 is equipped with a single DVD -R. +R, +RW drive, VFD information display and Composite I/O (PAL/NTSC), DB-9 serial control, and an RJ-45 jack for optional TCP/IP control. The unit appears as another computer on a Windows network.

Multi-Machine Control -- Built In

BCD's experience in multiple-machine control makes it easy to operate many recorders individually or at once. Each unit has a separate IP address and also a separate DECK name for serial control and Windows Node names. This is particularly useful for government and military applications when multiple sources must be recorded simultaneously from a single control source.

Please visit http://www.bcdusa.com for more information. Help videos are built-into the recorder. Online documentation is at http://www.bcdusa.com/bcd-recorders/hdi-250/hdi-online-manuals

About BCD Associates, Inc.

Since 1980, BCD Associates, Inc. has manufactured computer controllers for DVD machines, VCRs and Laser Discs. BCD products have proven reliability with clients in 28 countries with applications from Education and Industry to Government and Defense.

BCD's recorders satisfy customer demand for features not found in other machines.

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