BLOOMINGTON, IN--(Marketwired - August 22, 2016) - Solution Tree, a premier educational publisher and professional development provider, has announced the release of The Myth of the Muse: Supporting Virtues That Inspire Creativity. In this insightful new book, Douglas Reeves and Brooks Reeves argue that creativity is not spontaneous or inborn but a process that can be cultivated.

Creativity is crucial in helping students achieve success. By utilizing seven "virtues" that inspire creativity, the authors assert that teachers and students alike can boost creativity and harness its power to promote greater achievement in the classroom.

Summarizing the importance of the book for every educator, Douglas Reeves states, "We wrote The Myth of the Muse because we know that creativity is within the grasp of every student, teacher, and school leader. Whether or not you have ever thought of yourself as 'creative,' the world needs your insights and ideas and future generations will benefit every time you challenge conventional wisdom with your creative approaches to music and art, the environment and politics, engineering and science, communication and human relations."

Jacie Maslyk, assistant superintendent of Hopewell Area School District in Pennsylvania underscores the book's relevance to 21st century teaching, "In The Myth of the Muse, Reeves and Reeves start the conversation about the virtues of creativity -- a topic so relevant to today's schools. They masterfully weave research with practical examples throughout the book, prompting meaningful reflection at every turn. This book is an inspiring contribution that all educators (teachers, coaches, principals, and administrators) need to read!"

Dana Frantz Bentley, an early childhood educator at Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, stresses the book's potential for changing the way educators view the classroom, "One thing I love about this book is that it frames creativity as possible. No longer is it a virtue only bestowed on certain individuals; creativity is opened up as something that may be grown, cultivated, and scaffolded in the lives of learners. I believe that it is essential that we take on this perspective as we work to educate future innovators."

The Myth of the Muse is ideal for team study and discussion, and includes sample activities and practical guidelines to encourage and facilitate creativity.

The Myth of the Muse is now available at

About the Authors

Douglas Reeves, PhD, is founder of Creative Leadership Solutions. He is author of more than 30 books and 80 articles on leadership and organizational effectiveness and has worked with organizations throughout the world.

Brooks Reeves is an award-winning actor and musician based in New England. He specializes in theater, film, stand-up comedy, and voice-over work.

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