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The Fairhair Alliance and the OpenAIS Project Sign a Liaison Agreement

PISCATAWAY, NJ--(Marketwired - Aug 23, 2016) - The Fairhair Alliance and the OpenAIS Project have signed a liaison agreement to exchange and discuss use case requirements and high-level architecture approaches, with the objective of creating a common architecture solution for lighting and building automation to enable the 'Internet of Things' in buildings. Fairhair will share its technical objectives, data model structure, security model and device and service discovery, while OpenAIS will share its requirements and architecture deliverables.

About the Fairhair Alliance
Fairhair is an Alliance of leading companies, from the Lighting, Building Automation and IT industry, that aims to facilitate the use of IPv6 for the 'Internet of Things' in buildings. The Fairhair Alliance envisions a future where building automation and lighting control systems utilize interoperable systems and link to application eco-systems, such as BACnet, KNX and ZigBee. This will enable a move from proprietary, standalone solutions to a common building network infrastructure that supports the 'IoT' of resource constrained devices.

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About OpenAIS
OpenAIS is a consortium of leading European companies, institutions and universities, supported by the Horizon 2020 Program of the European Union, working together to establish an open, IP-based, communication and control architecture for professional indoor Lighting.

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