URDORF, SWITZERLAND--(Marketwired - Aug 23, 2016) - Broadband Networks AG, a pioneering company in the design and deployment of state-of-the-art broadband network infrastructure, announces its partnership with People Power, a services enablement company providing mobile apps, cloud and mobile solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Broadband Networks will be the local partner for the People Power IoT Suite for customers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein to enable simple, but sophisticated delivery of valued-added IoT home services.

People Power's easy-to-deploy smart home solutions, including security, energy and home care service subscriptions, will be available to Broadband Networks' customers. The security offering is an intelligent system designed to operate on an unused smartphone's built-in camera or IP security camera for remote video monitoring, along with user-installed sensors to monitor entry, motion, water, temperature and humidity in the home. In combination with smartphone-controllable electric smart plugs, consumers can observe and manage their home energy use directly from a mobile device. Also controllable from a mobile device is People Power's home care solution -- available in 2017 -- a service that pairs with a variety of smart sensors to help seniors age more confidently and independently.

"We recognize the value in People Power's people-centric and top down approach to IoT," said Ivo Scheiwiller, CEO of Broadband Networks. "By selling its highly attractive IoT services, which provide benefits that really matter most to people -- home security, energy savings and home care -- our customers can be at the forefront of the market opportunity delivered by today's best IoT technology."

Broadband Networks will also offer People Power's highly scalable, carrier-grade mobile-to-cloud system that enables these services. The People Power IoT Suite is People Power's complete software solution to connect, engage and manage any Internet-connected device or cloud platform, providing Broadband Networks' customers an opportunity to deploy powerful consumer engagement programs and services. The software suite is designed to engage communities, enabling highly-targeted end user communications to encourage transformational consumer behavior change.

"As demands for IoT technology grows worldwide, broad adoption of smart home consumer offerings are dependent on more intuitive, affordable and platform-agnostic solutions," said Gene Wang, CEO and co-founder of People Power. "Our comprehensive IoT ecosystem provides industry-leading scalability and functionality, and is the complete solution for expanding high-value technology services into the home. This partnership allows People Power to put our much loved, user-centric technology in the hands of Broadband Network's customer base in Switzerland and Lichtenstein quickly and elegantly."

For more information about Broadband Networks, visit http://www.broadbandnetworks.ch

For more information about People Power, visit www.peoplepowerco.com.

About Broadband Networks
Founded in 2002, Broadband Networks is a pioneering company in the setting up and development of state-of-the-art broadband access network infrastructure. We develop strategies that are economically and technologically viable for our clients, as well as sustainable solutions. In doing so, we focus consistently on the clients' needs and objectives. Reliability, consistency and independence are at the heart of everything we do -- carrier class. Our clients include cable network operators, city power utilities, and power companies.

About People Power
Founded in 2009, People Power Company is an award-winning software company with a successful legacy in mobile and cloud technology. The People Power IoT Suite enables rapid connection, engagement, deployment and management of IoT products and services for services providers, manufacturers and consumers searching for connected lifestyle enhancements. Its ready-made cloud and mobile software stacks connect people with networked devices to humanize the Internet of Things. Services from concept through commercial release enabled by People Power are available as white-labeled solutions for customers around the world. For more information, visit www.peoplepowerco.com.

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