SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 24, 2016) - From Jimmy the Greek to Matthew Berry, sports fans have always looked to experts to give them an edge. Now, for the first time, the power of A.I. is entering the world of weekly sports forecasting. UNU, the first ever artificial swarm intelligence, will have a weekly column on SB Nation's Fake Teams, a website that provides insight and analysis about fantasy sports. Under the byline, UNU's Picks, the swarm intelligence will provide recommendations and predictions for fantasy sports players, just in time for Fantasy football players who are prepping for their league drafts.

UNU made headlines earlier this year after being challenged by major publications to make high profile predictions. Newsweek challenged UNU to predict the 2016 Academy Awards. The swarm A.I. achieved 76% accuracy, out-performing the vast majority of movie experts, including Rolling Stone and the LA Times. UNU was then challenged by TechRepublic to predict the Kentucky Derby superfecta -- the first four horses in order. UNU made a perfect pick, turning a $20 bet into $11,700. UNU was challenged by CNET to predict the Stanley Cup. UNU not only predicted which teams would win, but outperformed the experts in predicting the number of games each series would go and even correctly identified most of the postseason award winners.

"UNU is a tireless forecaster, impressing us daily with the insights and recommendations," said Dr. Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous A.I. "So we are excited to work with Fake Teams to share fantasy sports insights each week. And unlike other forms of forecasting, regular sports fans who enjoy the column can participate in weekly predictions, by becoming part of the swarm. This allows the public to become its own super-expert."

Check out UNU's Picks on SB Nation's Fake Teams here: UNU's Picks: QB, RB, WR Rankings by an Artificial Intelligence

Developed by Silicon Valley startup, Unanimous A.I., and based on years of scientific research on Swarm Intelligence, UNU is a unique merger of software algorithms and real-time human input. Modeled after swarms in nature, UNU enables groups of online users to think together as a unified emergent intelligence -- a "brain of brains" that can express itself as a singular entity. Touted to as the world's first "hive mind," the UNU platform has had over 30,000 human participants in swarming sessions this year, together answering over 140,000 questions.

Swarm Intelligence, the science behind UNU, goes back to the birds and the bees. In fact, it goes to all creatures that amplify their group intelligence by forming flocks, schools, colonies, herds, and swarms. Across countless species, nature show us that social groups -- when working together as a unified dynamic system -- can outperform the majority of individual members when solving problems and making decisions, proving the old adage: many minds are better than one.

In 2014, researchers at Unanimous A.I. first discovered that people can form online swarms that amplify intelligence just like natural swarms. So Unanimous built the UNU platform to bring that experience to everyone. Users can login for free, join an existing swarm, or form their own swarm on any topic. From sports and politics, to movies and music, online groups can form their own emergent intelligence and ask it questions about anything.

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Unanimous A.I. develops technologies for Swarm Intelligence, unlocking the hidden brainpower inherent in groups of all sizes, while fostering collaboration and community. Unlike traditional A.I., which aims to replicate intelligence with bits and bytes, Unanimous' technologies keeps people in the loop, amplifying human intelligence rather than replacing it. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.