HOUSTON, TX --(Marketwired - August 23, 2016) - PEX plumbers and Repipe Specialists in Houston at Clean Team Plumbing have been helping people with home repairs for many years. They are a full service plumbing and HVAC company and there is no job they can't handle. As repipe specialists they perform galvanized pipe replacement using PEX and copper and they have been doing so for 17 years. "We are growing fast because of the excellent service we provide our customers. We just launched our new website and to celebrate we are offering a $100 off discount coupon for PEX repiping or new air conditioning systems," says Brad Mallory, Owner of Clean Team Plumbing.

For almost 20 years Clean Team Plumbing has been building a solid reputation as one of the most respected Houston plumbing and air conditioning contractors. They are known primarily for re-piping, galvanized pipe replacement and whole house plumbing repair. Clean Team Plumbing is now offering no cost galvanized water pipe replacement and re-pipe estimates for homeowners and businesses in Houston. "We are offering this no cost estimate because many of the houses in Houston are more than 40 years old and a lot of them need new water pipes. PEX re-piping is usually the most cost effective solution," says Brad. "This is because the material is easier to work with than rigid piping like copper."

Repipe specialists in Houston at Clean Team Plumbing want homeowners to be able to recognize when they have a problem. According to Mallory the problems are easy to recognize. "Some of the problems include low water pressure or the shower suddenly becoming cold when someone flushes the toilet. People should also be on the lookout for rust colored water," says Brad. Galvanized water pipes rust form the inside out. Over time corrosion builds up inside the pipes that cannot be seen. As the years pass and the corrosion gets worse the water pressure is affected more and more. Other problems associated with this corrosion can include high levels of metals and other materials that people don't want in their water.

The Houston plumbers at Clean Team Repipe frequently get calls from people who have leaky water lines. With galvanized pipes that are severely rusted from the inside out the homeowner will start to notice pin hole leaks. Depending on where the leaks are located, this water can cause major damage to the structure, especially if left unattended. "If you have leaky pipes it is critical to get them repaired fast. We can inspect the condition of your water lines for no cost," says Brad.

Houston repiping and PEX plumbers at Clean Team Plumbing want consumers to understand that in most homes galvanized water pipes last up to fifty years, however, locally things are different. "In Houston we have a lot of minerals in the water and we also have chlorination. These things lead to a significantly shorter life span for galvanized pipes in Houston, we usually see original pipes lasting only 20-30 years," says Brad.

Houston repipe specialists from Clean Team will perform an inspection of a homeowner's current plumbing system for no cost with this new website announcement. If they determine that the home is in need of a re-pipe they usually recommend PEX according to Brad. "We are certified as a Premier Uponor Installer, they manufacture our PEX piping. We feel like this is generally the best solution for the problem when it comes to whole house re plumbing in Houston." According to Brad the PEX piping comes with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty and a 10 year guarantee from Clean Team Plumbing. Call them now at (713) 568-1346 to schedule a no cost consultation with one of their Houston repipe specialists.

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