OAKLAND, CA--(Marketwired - August 24, 2016) - HealthImpact has released a plan for nursing education redesign, the Nursing Education Plan White Paper and Recommendations for California. This white paper was funded by a grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and is the result of a statewide collaborative approach to ensure that nurses educated in California are prepared for the evolving changes in healthcare delivery.

Massive changes in healthcare delivery are driving the need to transform how RNs are prepared. As the largest provider group in the state, nurses must practice and lead in a variety of settings, in new roles, and in an environment that is shifting from providing care to managing health.

The Nursing Education Plan White Paper and Recommendations for California provides recommendations and strategies to prepare nurses for these changes and serves as a call to action for nursing education and practice. The recommendations support multiple entry points into nursing education, influence nurses to continue their education, and promote lifelong learning.

In January 2015, HealthImpact launched a statewide initiative in partnership with California's leading nursing organizations: American Nurses Association, California; Association of California Nurse Leaders/California Nursing Students' Association; California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN); California Association of Colleges of Nursing; and California Organization of Associate Degree Nursing Program Directors North and South.

In addition, thought leaders across the state were invited to help lead the effort. They conducted extensive literature reviews, identifying innovative programs and best practices, and obtained input from a wide range of local, statewide and national experts to assess the changing landscape in healthcare, nursing practice and education. In regional meetings, more than 350 additional healthcare leaders in education, practice, and policy arenas contributed their expertise and perspective.

Through this large-scale effort, five areas of recommendation were identified as central to nursing education redesign for the future. Each recommendation is accompanied by evidence-based strategies. The Nursing Education Plan is an important roadmap for transforming nursing education to better meet evolving health needs of populations. The aim of the White Paper is to engage policymakers in robust implementation of the plan, inform and enlist funders, and align diverse stakeholders about priorities for change, ultimately strengthening shared investments in nursing education.


  1. Academic-Practice Partnerships:
    Build strong academic-practice partnerships along the continuum of care.
  1. Advancing Nursing Education:
    Promote academic progression for all RNs in California to obtain a BSN or higher degree by 2030.
  1. Faculty Recruitment and Development:
    Create career pathways, develop programs, and provide resources to assure a well-prepared and diverse nursing faculty.
  1. Transition Programs and Residencies:
    Establish transition-to-practice programs and residencies for all new graduates and nurses transitioning to new specialties and roles.
  1. Preparing Nurses for the Future:
    Provide transformative learning opportunities that prepare nurses for evolving roles in rapidly changing interprofessional practice environments.

The complete report is available on the HealthImpact website at http://bit.ly/NEPWhitePaper.

Founded in 2001, HealthImpact (formerly the California Institute for Nursing and Health Care), is California's nationally recognized nursing workforce center. HealthImpact is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of Californians through innovation, interprofessional leadership and nursing excellence, and by partnering with nurse leaders, educators, providers, payers, policy leaders and consumers to develop practical solutions which increase nurses' effectiveness in providing care.

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