EVERGREEN, CO--(Marketwired - August 24, 2016) - Global IntelliSystems, one of the oldest and strongest email marketing services, announced the launch of Email Toolbox, a multi-faceted, mostly free online service for advertising and marketing departments. This revolutionary product is designed to help advertisers keep tabs on their competitors, while simultaneously helping marketers analyze trends in their email marketing messages to boost revenue and prevent stagnation. As an added bonus, this technology can even alert list owners to when their mailing lists may have been stolen.

Companies around the world have been searching for a fast and easy-to-use set of online tools to help them maximize email deliverability and track their competition in stealth mode -- all without stressing the budget. This software suite delivers all that and more.

"We found over eighty percent of marketers were unaware of the reasons why their messages were performing so poorly," stated John Brogan, CEO of Global IntelliSystems.

"This new service answers those questions at a great price," he added. "On the flip side, advertisers have been looking for a way to watch their competition using a single screen to see what email advertisements are being sent. This service fits all of those needs in one convenient and mostly free package."

The initial release of Email Toolbox comes with four core features:

  1. A free, 24/7 reputation analysis tool that constantly monitors up to 250 mailing lists per user to show the spam score, blacklist rate, and delivery lag-time, and provide a variety of technical checks to spot problems with mailings. This tool emails the owner a daily report to show the performance stats of each mailing received.
  2. A free, 24/7 domain analysis tool that monitors deliverability-related DNS issues, such as a misconfigured SPF, DomainKey, DMARC record, or other technical DNS problems that would disrupt any email marketing project. Email alerts are generated instantly if problems are found to ensure speedy resolution.
  3. A free blacklist checkup tool that enables administrators or marketers to pre-check their delivery IP addresses before launching a campaign.
  4. A very low-cost mailing list analysis tool that checks a list for dead domains, chronic complainers, incorrectly formatted addresses, bounce history, and a variety of other technical issues that would cause failures in delivery or user complaints.

Potential mailing list theft is the last critical element Email Toolbox monitors for its account holders. "We see many instances of mailing lists being poached from list owners that store their lists with vendors or services that have weak or minimal security," warned John Brogan. "Our reputation monitor also analyzes mailings 24/7, and an alert is triggered when our system spots an address that has wandered onto another list. Many companies put a high value on their mailing lists, and our service will help them realize their list was poached soon after the event takes place."

Additional features for EmailToolbox.com, such as a real-time bounce analysis system, a full-service deliverability assistance center, and a real-time address validator are in development for release in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Global has been empowering their clients for over fourteen years, maximizing email marketing results with its state-of-the-art SaaS platform designed for high and low-volume mailers worldwide. Staffed with industry experts with over twenty years of hands-on email marketing experience, Global brings customer service and coaching to the highest level. Combining live reporting with an intelligently designed delivery network, Global offers major mailers and small business users the best response rates in the industry.

Details of the new Email Toolbox service can be found at http://www.emailtoolbox.com or by contacting John Brogan directly at jbrogan@emailtoolbox.com. Visitors are encouraged to sign up for free to put the tools to use and breathe new life into their email marketing efforts.

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