CHESTER, PA--(Marketwired - Aug 25, 2016) - Optymyze, a worldwide provider of enterprise cloud applications and services for improving sales and channel performance, today announced the latest upgrades and new solutions to Optymyze Sales Operations™, its industry-leading platform comprised of four components -- Optymyze Sales Performance, Optymyze Sales Analytics, Optymyze Sales Planning, and Optymyze Sales Studio.

With its product enhancements introduced in the second quarter of 2016, Optymyze continues an aggressive product development roadmap, designed to provide clients with greater usability and value from their Optymyze solutions. Developed through the company's singular focus on improving sales force and sales operations effectiveness, these new innovations provide Optymyze clients with the latest improvements to drive sales operations success.

"Sales operations are an essential and strategic aspect of any sales organization, and businesses today need advanced functionality to ensure their sales operations processes align with overall business initiatives and external market factors," said E.K. Koh, vice president of Products for Optymyze. "To that end, Optymyze remains committed to regularly updating our solutions to meet the changing needs of our clients. Our Q2 product upgrades introduce enhanced and entirely new capabilities that bring greater efficiency and visibility into the entire sales operations process."

The latest innovations introduced by Optymyze in the second quarter of 2016 include:

Integrated Sales Planning
Optymyze released Optymyze Sales Planning, enabling business users to build models and use them to perform collaborative sales planning. This new solution enables a unified approach to meet its clients' sales planning and operations needs, from sales forecasting and budgeting to sales operations functions like incentive compensation, territory management, and sales coaching.

Expanding and Improving Available App Components
The company also expanded its list of App Components with two new components -- a stacked chart and an areas chart app component to enable a richer set of visualizations that can be added easily to any app. In addition, Optymyze enhanced the capabilities of its map app component to work more flexibly with Optymyze Sales Territories.

Improved Efficiency, Engagement and Insights
In Q2, Optymyze continued its focus on making the incentive compensation process more efficient and easier to manage for plan administrators. This includes extending its ability to share key elements of the compensation plan, enabling plan administrators to change shared components in one place and roll them out to all salespeople affected by the change. Optymyze also improved its What If calculator to support a larger set of plan types, helping to improve sales engagement by allowing sales people to visualize how additional sales achievement can result in higher earnings.

Optymyze continues to drive greater productivity for managers in the objective-setting process, providing the flexibility to create individual or team objectives with different completion timelines, such as on a monthly or quarterly basis. Moreover, managers have the ability to copy objectives rather than create a new objective for each assignment, and they can now be notified of any changes to objectives in real time. Optymyze also gives sales managers greater flexibility and insight throughout the quota setting process, enabling users to better leverage factors like historical achievement or territory potential to assign quotas.

Improved Speed and Flexibility of Core Platform
Optymyze also released Performance Analyzer, a new tool that enables customers to easily improve the performance of their Optymyze environment. Performance Analyzer enables users to look at a customer environment and automatically recommend a wide range of improvements to enhance data processing performance.

In addition, Optymyze introduced its Package Builder tool. This new innovation enables Optymyze partners and customers to easily take any set of objects and apps built in Optymyze Sales Studio and share it in Optymyze App Gallery.

"Optymyze regularly listens to the pain points of our customers, and seeks to develop the enhancements to solve challenges encountered throughout their sales operations processes," said Koh. "With the new solutions and features introduced in Q2, we deliver numerous benefits to help our clients transform sales operations, create and improve sales strategies, and motivate the entire sales team to achieve their personal and organizational goals."

About Optymyze
Optymyze helps companies improve sales force and sales operations performance with its award-winning enterprise technology platform and business process management services. Optymyze helps companies align sales goals and compensation; efficiently execute sales strategies; drive greater sales results, faster; and gain visibility into sales performance. With Optymyze Sales Operations as a Service, clients turn sales operations into a strategic business advantage through agility, innovation, and continuous improvement.

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