RALEIGH, N.C., Aug. 31, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MaxPoint (Nasdaq:MXPT) today announces Customer Catalyst, a new software-as-a-service product that matches, enriches and activates CRM lists across the full digital marketing stack. By accurately matching physical addresses to digital audiences, Customer Catalyst connects every device in a household to its CRM record. It also enhances what companies know about their customers through continuous enrichment, in which data about real-time purchase intent and location history is continuously added to each customer’s profile. Enriched lists are available to a company’s preferred marketing partners for activation beyond the traditional methods of email, shared mail and direct mail.

Customer Catalyst’s technology matches permission-based customer lists to multiple digital identifiers at the household address level. Early results have seen match rates 2–3x above prior experiences. Customer Catalyst then enriches CRM data by adding real-time purchase intent profiles, preferred retailers and same-day co-visitation data to each customer record. Enriched lists are dynamically updated and are accessible through MaxPoint’s secure network, enabling end users to improve their CRM marketing tools.

“Customer Catalyst takes the existing CRM marketing model to a new level by giving marketers access to enhanced data about their customers as well as the flexibility to act on that data at the right time across the entire marketing cloud,” said Tom Dolan, SVP of MaxPoint Solutions.

This software-as-a-service product provides tools and data for marketers to segment and choose the audiences best suited for specific marketing efforts. These segments can then be activated across their entire portfolio of marketing partners.

“We continue to develop our location technology to focus on household-level data and to make that data easily accessible to and actionable for marketers,” said Joe Epperson, CEO of MaxPoint. “With Customer Catalyst we have reimagined the standard CRM marketing model, demonstrating our commitment to inspiring transformational changes in how our clients go to market.”

About MaxPoint
MaxPoint is a marketing technology company that generates hyperlocal intelligence to optimize brand and retail performance. We provide a platform for brands to connect the digital world with the physical world through hyperlocal execution, measurement, and consumer insights.

The company’s proprietary Digital Zip® technology and the MaxPoint Intelligence Platform™ predict the most likely buyers of a specific product at a particular retail location and then execute cross-channel digital marketing programs to reach these buyers. For more information, visit maxpoint.com.

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