Betts Recruiting Announces Expansion of Recruiting Services Into New Industries

Betts Recruiting Is Now Recruiting Revenue Generators for More Than Just the Tech Industry

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - September 13, 2016) - Betts Recruiting (Betts Recruiting, Inc.), the leading sales recruitment firm for groundbreaking companies throughout the US and Europe, and the tech industry it serves have both seen dramatic growth since Betts' founding in 2009. Over the past seven years, Betts Recruiting has prided itself in being the go-to firm for rapidly developing tech companies to find talent when building out their sales teams. The company has excelled at helping companies hire revenue generators that match both experience and culture requirements for tech companies. Because of this success, Betts Recruiting is excited to announce that they are now expanding their services to an even wider scope of industries including: BioTech, Consulting, Manufacturing, Recruiting/Executive Search, Food-Tech, Logistics, Training, and Media Agencies.

"This year has seen a dramatic increase in the need for quality revenue generators across all industries. Betts Recruiting is always looking for ways to develop our business. As we continue to grow, we have found that we are no longer just focusing on today's top tech companies. We have already found success across countless other verticals and are looking forward to continuing this expansion." -- Carolyn Betts Fleming, CEO and Founder of Betts Recruiting

The Expansion of Betts Recruiting's Services

Betts Recruiting's increased investment in revenue generating recruiting will continue to uphold their commitment to finding the top talent for all of the world's most innovative companies. The growing organization has increased personnel by over 40% this past year. With the increased team size and five offices across the US and UK, Betts Recruiting is more than ready to offer services to today's developing industries beyond tech. Betts Recruiting's expansion into these additional industries follows the continued success the company has already seen with numerous individual clients who are outside of the tech sector.

About Betts Recruiting
Betts Recruiting is the leading global recruitment firm specializing in recruiting revenue-generating talent such as Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success for innovative companies in tech, consulting, biotech, logistics, media agencies, and more. Betts brings a customized approach to each search, ensuring hiring managers find the best person for each position they are looking to fill and job seekers find the best company for their background, skills, and interests. Betts Recruiting works with all individual candidates to understand their goals, career growth, and experience. This method ensures companies only see top quality candidates and are able to quickly move forward in their hiring process. Betts Recruiting's four offices in the US include San Francisco, Palo Alto, Austin, and New York. These headquarters also cover areas such as Denver, CO, Boulder, CO, Salt Lake City, UT, Provo, UT, Dallas, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA, Seattle, WA, and Atlanta, GA. Abroad, Betts Recruiting's London-based office services Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg as well.

Some of Betts Recruiting's clients include: NatureBox, Trendkite, MongoDB, Revel Systems, EATClub, SurveyMonkey, GitHub, Grovo, VentureBeat, ZenReach, Lyft, and MuleSoft. You can find Betts Recruiting on Twitter @BettsRecruiting and on LinkedIn. Follow Betts for sales news, interview tips, hiring best practices, and more.

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