Hiya Launches New App to Protect iPhone Users From the Rapid Rise in Robocalls

Brings First, Free Algorithmic-Based Call Blocking and Spam Protection App to IOS 10 Users

SEATTLE,WA--(Marketwired - September 13, 2016) - Hiya, the global leader in phone spam protection, is bringing its long awaited robocall-fighting technology to the iPhone. Unlike other apps of its kind, Hiya spam protection will not require a monthly subscription or an in-app purchase. Hiya has been working closely with Apple to leverage the new iOS 10 CallKit framework, which allows the new Hiya app to identify and block all potentially dangerous robo and spam calls. Robocalls have become such a pervasive problem that more than 10 billion robocalls have been made to U.S. phone numbers since the start of 2016 alone.

Other caller ID and call blocking solutions rely on publicly available lists, such as those provided by the FTC and FCC, which are often outdated as spammers frequently change numbers. Hiya provides reputation information based on real-time signals that identify spammers within minutes. This protects Hiya users from the latest scams before they get to mass scale. Hiya also customizes spam protection and caller ID to the user's area code and calling patterns, allowing for personalized protection and fast performance.

"With the integration of the new CallKit Directory extension, iOS users finally have a call blocking app they can depend on to fight intrusive robo and spam calls that have invaded our mobile phones," said Mayur Kamat, Hiya's VP Product. "We are excited to bring the power of our real-time reputation engine and quality of our algorithms to protect iPhone users."

The updated Hiya app for iOS 10 has the following key features:

Integrated spam and fraud identification

Robocalls and telemarketers will now be immediately identified when a user's phone rings, with a notification on the home screen if the caller is "Suspected Spam" or "Scam or Fraud."

Auto-blocking spam and robocalls

Hiya 3.0 will give users the ability to automatically block all nuisance calls. Calls associated with fraud, phishing, and other illegal activities will be auto-blocked and users will be notified. Calls associated with a high volume of unwanted activities will also be flagged on the incoming call screen as "Suspected Spam."

Personal blocklist

For the first time on iPhone, users can create a custom blocklist by adding any number or personal contact to this list for Hiya to block. Users can add any number to the blocklist or choose a contact from their address book.

Integrated caller ID

Along with spam identification, Hiya provides caller ID for a user's most frequent inbound numbers, including businesses and individuals.

Smart dialer

Users can now use Hiya to place all outbound calls. The Hiya dialer will warn users if they attempt to call a known spam number. The more the dialer is used, the smarter the caller ID will get.

Reverse phone lookup

Whether a user's next call is from someone in their contacts, or the call is identified by Hiya, the reverse phone lookup feature allows users to see caller ID and spam details, if any, for that phone number. Users can view a number's threat level, recent reports, location, phone number and service provider.

To learn more about the free iOS app, go to: https://hiya.com/iphone. Learn more about Hiya at www.Hiya.com.

About Hiya

Hiya provides enhanced caller ID products and services designed to make the phone experience better. With a database of more over 1.5 billion unique numbers globally, Hiya leverages its expansive algorithms to identify unknown calls and texts and to monitor phone-based threats for consumers and businesses. Hiya screens more than 665 million incoming calls per month, and has detected more than one billion robo, telemarketing and scam calls and texts to date. Hiya is available as a consumer app on Google Android and iPhone and is integrated into the phone experience for T-Mobile and Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7 users worldwide. For more information, please visit www.hiya.com.

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