Gridsum and Beijing Intellectual Property Law Association Collaborate to Develop Intellectual Property Case Guidance and Service Platform

Service Platform Represents Application of Big Data to Judicial System

BEIJING, Sept. 14, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gridsum Holding Inc., a leading provider of sophisticated data analysis software for multinational and domestic enterprises and government agencies in China, today announced with the Beijing Intellectual Property Law Association that they have jointly developed the Intellectual Property Case Study Guidance and Service Platform to leverage advances in cloud computing and big data for the needs of judges at the forefront of intellectual property trials in China.

Cooperation between the two sides began last year. The first phase of the Intellectual Property Case Study Guidance and Service Platform is now in its final development stage, and will be officially launched in late October. The platform integrates comprehensive intellectual-property-related judicial information and resources, including underlying data, case review applications, library development and management, text development assistance, intelligent notifications, synthesis search, and statistical analysis.

Using big data and context analysis technologies, the platform provides the intellectual property law community with more accurate and comprehensive case-application services to support trials, teaching and research, and decision making.

“The era of big data is all about the integration and aggregation of data, and the analysis of data through technology,” said Meng Wang, senior director of Gridsum’s Big Data Group. “With comprehensive information and data, we can perform all kinds of multi-dimensional data model analysis and computing, providing insights into trends, dynamics, probabilities, and even predict which is the closest to reality. Analysis based on big data will profoundly influence the integration, analysis and application of trial information.”

Huanqing Yao, deputy director of the Research Center of Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence of Renmin University, believes that big data generated from court trials are critical resources. In-depth mining of this data enables courts to have a clear understanding of court trial practices, in order to learn from this experience, tackle problems and predict future trends. It also helps to further unify intellectual property law standards and improve trial quality.

To keep pace with rapid economic growth in recent years, China is strengthening its support for intellectual property protection. There has been a significant increase in intellectual property related cases. People's courts at all levels handled 149,238 cases in China last year, with 142,077 cases closed, including first instance cases, second instance cases, and retrials. Meanwhile, as technology evolves, trials that require complex fact-finding techniques keep increasing, especially criminal intellectual property cases involving cutting-edge technologies and partnership in new technology development.

Publicly available judgment documents related to intellectual property cases have exceeded 100,000 already, and the number is increasing at a rate of about 40,000 per year. With such fast-growing data, context analysis technology based on big data will provide a more comprehensive, more intelligent intellectual property case guidance service platform, a crucial need of the judicial system.

Supreme People’s Court’s Intellectual Property Case Study Base established in Beijing propelled by Intellectual Property Court, as well as the following construction and operation of the intellectual property case guidance service platform in the near future, mark the rapid progress of professionalism of intellectual property trials and application of technologies in the judicial system in China.

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