Aimark, Inc. Unveils Two New Offices Across Florida

Orlando, Florida, Sept. 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Director of Operations for Aimark, Inc., John Khani assisted his associates John Aurand and David Fisher in the expansions to Lakeland and Tallahassee, Florida in early September. The expansions mark the eighth and ninth expansion for the organization spanning across Florida and Michigan. As the company continues to excel, Khani releases Aimark’s best-kept secret; the driving force behind their success.

Aimark, Inc. opened in Orlando, Florida in June of 2013. Khani’s dream for an explosive marketing firm quickly came to fruition as the company signed one of the biggest communications companies in the nation. Fast-forward three years, the company now represents the #15 company on Forbes’ Fortune 100 list as well as three of the company’s affiliates. “Signing our most recent client completely changed the game for us,” says Khani. “The pressure was on." 

Aimark, Inc.’s clients began pressuring Khani and his team for future growth. “The brand’s footprint needed to expand exponentially and our client realized we were the most viable option,” Khani explains.

Within months of the signing, Aurand, Khani’s then Associate Director made a name for himself. “His unwavering performance earned the trust of our clients faster than anyone I had ever seen. Within the office, he was a natural born leader. People flocked to him because his training style was so genuine and unique. He has further proven to be an asset to our organization within weeks of his expansion to Lakeland,” Khani says.

Following Aurand’s lead, David Fisher was the next to step up. Not long after the Lakeland expansion, Aimark was presented with the opportunity to further their client’s footprint in Tallahassee. The Tallahassee market had recently opened into a lucrative and unmanaged market. Khani and the Aimark staff planned to answer the call. Within mere weeks, Fisher’s management techniques turned the previously unmanaged market to one of the fastest comebacks the company has ever seen.

As Khani reflects on the recent surge of growth in Aimark, Inc., he explains it as, “The perfect storm of opportunity. We developed so many successful managers in 2015 and needed an extra boost to keep productivity and drive up. Signing our new clients was exactly what we needed. The opportunity for national growth sparked excitement. Entry-level associates witnessed executive expansions first hand. In this business, seeing is believing!”

Khani and his Corporate Trainers pride themselves on their ability to train candidates with bachelors degrees in business, marketing, management, communications, public relations or any related field. A degree, however, is not necessary. The company culture is built on the foundation of competition, drive and determination. Anyone with the willingness to learn and manage accounts is encouraged to apply.



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