WAYNE, PA--(Marketwired - Sep 20, 2016) -  Elemica, the leading Supply Chain Operating Network for the process industries, announces that nine of the top ten companies listed on the ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies annual ranking conduct commerce through the Elemica network. More significantly, there is a major increase of adoption of the Elemica network across the entire list, up from 75% in 2013 to 83% in 2016 of companies in the Top 100 that connect, collaborate and communicate via Elemica's QuickLink Network. This growth rate demonstrates how Elemica has assisted these global companies in creating substantial shareholder value.

"Companies in the chemical, oil & gas, specialty chemical, plastic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets appear on this prestigious list, with fourteen of the top fifteen, or a whopping 94%, connected to Elemica's business network," said Sergio Juarez, Chief Commercial Officer of Elemica. "We help these companies stay ahead of the competition by reducing their operating costs, making them easier to do business with, supporting their ability to differentiate through service, creating more rapid responses to market opportunities or disruptions, and accelerating their time to value."

Breaking down the list further reveals the significant numbers of global chemical companies conducting commerce through Elemica:

  • 94% - 14 of Top 15 Top Chemical Companies

  • 88% - 22 of top 25 Top Chemical Companies

  • 86% - 43 of top 50 Top Chemical Companies

  • 83% - 83 of Top 100 Chemical Companies

The ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies list ranks the world's major producers of chemicals by 2015 sales. The year was profitable, but challenging for global chemical producers, which were affected by lower oil prices, global economic slowdown and relative strength of the US dollar. Mergers and acquisitions influenced the rankings, while creating new business entities, but Elemica's expansive footprint across this industry made it very likely that their trading partners are already connected to the network, making it easier for them to quickly conduct commerce, while reducing operating costs.

BASF still tops the ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies list; China's Sinopec comes in 2nd with $50.2B and Dow Chemical comes in 3rd place with $48.8B. These world-class businesses realize significant benefits from the powerful insight they receive as a result of their connectivity to the Elemica Network. Conducting business over the Elemica platform, in conjunction with Elemica's solutions for procurement, order management, logistics and customer management, leads to improved cash flow and reduced working capital, while creating a competitive edge.

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Elemica is the leading Supply Chain Operating Network for the process industries. Elemica transforms supply chains by replacing manual and complex approaches with efficient and reliable ones. Launched in 2000, customers like BASF, BP, Continental, The Dow Chemical Company, DuPont, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, LANXESS, Michelin, Shell, Solvay, Sumitomo Chemical, Wacker and more process nearly $400B in commerce value annually on the network. Elemica drives bottom line results by promoting reduced cost of operations, faster process execution, automation of key business processes, removal of transactional barriers, and seamless information flow between trading partners. For more information, visit www.elemica.com

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