NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - September 21, 2016) - Ghostery, a global technology leader empowering consumers and businesses to create safer, faster, and more trusted digital experiences, today announced the release of Ghostery 7, the newest edition of its free browser extension. Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, Ghostery 7 was developed with the active community of millions of Ghostery users. Ghostery 7 combines feedback from months of user testing, support emails, and thousands of survey responses.

The result of this feedback is an extension that is built to fit a variety of individual needs and levels of use. The release features a revamped user interface, enhanced features for account holders, and tracker alerts. A cleaner, simpler interface is combined with greater insight into the online marketing ecosystem.

"By giving our first time and casual users an easy-to-understand configuration, consumers now have the power to easily control how their data is shared online. For our more advanced users, we've provided highly valuable visibility into trackers and the websites that host them. Ghostery 7 delivers the best of both worlds," said Scott Meyer, Ghostery's chief executive officer.

Ghostery 7 also provides valuable help to newer users who have expressed a desire for guidance deciding which trackers to allow. The solution comes in the form of alerts that caution a user when blocking a tracker may impair site function, or when there are trackers that slow loading or make non-secure calls.

"We put enormous weight in the feedback we received from our community and this is reflected in the latest release. The new and exciting features: the more compact tracker list, filterable categories, alerts for broken pages, and tracker URLs, were all designed with help from our users. Bringing this 'crowdsourced' edition of the Ghostery Browser Extension to market shows how much we value our vibrant community of users," said Jeremy Tillman, director of consumer product, Ghostery.

You can download the latest version of the extension from the Ghostery website:

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