CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 22, 2016) - Neoglyphic Entertainment, a storytelling company built for the digital age, today announced that it has released comprehensive feature updates to its award-winning, cross-platform, real-time fur and fiber technology, NeoFur. Now available, NeoFur 2.0 for Unreal Engine 4 enables developers to better tackle the creation of challenging fuzzy and fibrous characters, objects and surfaces such as furred creatures, carpets, blankets, mosses and other natural landscapes. NeoFur is an easy-to-use, in-editor tool focused on giving developers outstanding performance and a fidelity level never before possible in a real-time engine. The company will provide NeoFur 2.0 as a free upgrade for all existing licensees.

"NeoFur 2.0 offers significant performance and feature improvements, giving developers even more options and control to implement visually stunning and realistic fur and fiber graphics. We're seeing it used in PC and mobile games across multiple game platforms as well as animation, VR and film," said Carlos Montero, VP, Graphics Technology. "We are thrilled with the development community's positive feedback and quick adoption of NeoFur. To date NeoFur has been sold to developers and artists in 44 countries for individual passion projects all the way up to AAA productions. Perhaps most excitingly, the influence of real-time is broadening quickly, which we see reflected in our customer base that spans game studios, VFX houses, architectural visualization firms as well as digital agencies."

NeoFur 2.0's new features and performance improvements include:

  • Global Features
    • Tutorial videos and over 30 included materials
    • Motion blur now fully supported
    • Significantly faster CPU simulation for Mobile, HTML5 and other CPU-only platforms
    • Support for Nurbs curves via FBX (works w/ Maya hair systems)
    • Support for Unreal Engine 4.13
    • Support for Mac OSX Sierra
  • Shader features
    • 4.11 Hair Shading model fully utilized
    • Per-strand features: size, length, coloring, roughness, scattering
    • Simulated Undercoat and Overcoat systems
  • Experimental features
    • Variable hair clumping via vector maps
    • Variable hair curling via UV offsets

NeoFur 2.0 creates a beautiful illusion of millions of strands of fur, now with realistic anisotropic reflections, light scattering and shadowing. Neoglyphic's advances have allowed the use of compute shaders and other advanced shading strategies to take that technique to the next level, bringing fast simulation, realistic physics, and unique Level-Of-Detail systems designed to combat fill-rate.

NeoFur for Unreal Engine 4 has been met with acclaim from developers and Epic Games themselves, as the company was awarded Epic Games Unreal Dev Grant Award for their work on NeoFur in May 2016. NeoFur's licensing options are aimed at providing access to the technology for individuals, indie developers and AAA studios. For pricing and sales information, please visit To celebrate the launch, any license of NeoFur 2.0 for Unreal Engine 4 can be purchased for 20% off until October 6, 2016 by using code NEOFURPR20 at checkout.

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