SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 26, 2016) - Bluewater Digital and DNA Response have merged to form a new digital marketing powerhouse named Zahalo.

CEO Andy Latimer says, "The evolution of direct to consumer marketing is to develop long term relationships with customers that is built on trust. Zahalo exists to provide brands with the opportunity to build trusted relationships with customers through focused and targeted marketing that delivers a flawless omnichannel experience. The merger of DNA Response and Bluewater Digital will enable Zahalo to deliver a unique suite of digital marketing services with unparalleled analytics and business intelligence from the consumer perspective."

The new organization will offer the award-winning digital marketing, web development, and online marketplace management services that made Bluewater Digital and DNA Response a trusted partner for established brands, brand developers and entrepreneurs. In addition, Zahalo will pursue new opportunities in fragmented marketplace development, audience aggregation and distributed ecommerce solutions to develop unprecedented growth opportunities for brands and content creators.

"Not only will we help brands achieve optimum success through traditional digital channels, we will change the way trust is established between brands and consumers by bringing native ecommerce solutions to content creators and influencers," says President and COO, Ranjit Mulgaonkar.

About the merger, Mulgaonkar says, "I was amazed to see such strong alignment between our two companies. I walked into Bluewater Digital's offices and saw many of the same charts and diagrams on their walls that we had used for the last five years. As a joint entity, we have the unparalleled ability to achieve success for our clients and create ground-breaking technology that will transform the entire digital marketing industry."

Latimer notes, "We jumped at the chance to join forces with DNA Response because our organizations share a common vision for the future. Their expertise with online marketplaces and incredible technology means that we can deliver a complete solution that was simply not possible as separate organizations."

Latimer continues, "Zahalo stands for trust, confidence, and strong relationships. We will excel at delivering the services that product marketers expect from a digital agency while opening up new opportunities that nobody thought were possible."

About Zahalo

Zahalo believes that trust is the key to growth and long-term performance for consumer product brands. They develop best-in-class services in digital marketing, web development, marketplaces management, distributed ecommerce, and analytics. Zahalo was founded in 2016 from a merger between Bluewater Digital and DNA Response with offices in Seattle, Washington; Clearwater, Florida; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Pune, India.

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