NEW YORK, Sept. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Interome, Inc. announced today that collaborators and organizers of the UnDx Consortium™ will come together again at the 14th annual Future in Review (FiRe) conference. The conversation will include a summary of the UnDx Consortium, a discussion of hypotheses resulting from analyzation of data from the Consortium on August 16, 2016, and proposed next steps for the UnDx Consortium. The FiRe conference will be held September 27 – 30, 2016 in Park City, Utah.  Interome is a co-organizer of the UnDx Consortium.

In bringing together precision medicine technology companies and thought leaders, the UnDx Consortium is evaluating the impact of multidisciplinary approaches to understanding and treating undiagnosed diseases. Its methods are based on the integrated interpretation of genomic, phenotypic and contextual datasets collected through cutting-edge technologies.

At the FiRe conference, “The UnDx (Undiagnosed) Global Initiative” session will explore the analyses, findings and collaborations of the UnDx Consortium. It will include co-organizer of the UnDx Consortium, Katia Moritz, Director of the documentary, Undiagnosed; Tristan Orpin, EVP of Clinical Genomics, Illumina; John Ryals, CEO of Metabolon; Robin Y. Smith, CEO of ORIG3N; and it will be hosted by Doug Jamison, Chairman of Interome.

Session participants will also moderate a breakout presentation to expand upon the learnings of the UnDx Consortium. The discussion will center on the next steps in translating their hypotheses into potentially actionable information to guide the treatment of the undiagnosed patients studied.

“For patients with undiagnosed diseases, the reality is that the specialists treating them are working in siloes. The goal of the UnDx Consortium is to bring precision medicine into the future and foster collaboration with the industry’s top minds and technologies,” says Doug Jamison. “The FiRe conference is an important venue to share our findings and further our mission of discovering clinically-actionable solutions for patients with undiagnosed diseases.”

The FiRe conference brings together the world’s leading experts in global economy, cloud computing, biology and medical diagnostics, policy, netbooks, space travel and sustainability to present and generate new ideas for the future of the technology industry. More information about this year’s conference can be found at

About Interome, Inc.

Interome was founded by Harris & Harris Group, Inc., during the first quarter of 2016. Interome's goal is to combine multiple types of genotypic, phenotypic and physiological information on a platform that acts as the engine to organize, integrate, interpret and create interoperability between the consumer and the different requirements that exist within the clinical setting. Interome focuses on the markets of undiagnosed disease and elite athletic training and is working with top researchers and clinicians, as well as companies such as Metabolon, ORIG3N, Genomic Profiling, FLEET and Muses Labs, to provide information that can aid undiagnosed disease patients and athletes.

About the UnDx Consortium

Piloting its work with six patients with undiagnosed diseases, the UnDx Consortium aims to provide metabolomic, microbiome, epigenetic, stem cell and chromosomal imaging information that could be helpful in diagnosing their diseases. The purpose of the UnDx Consortium is to bring this additional precision medicine information to these undiagnosed patients, and, in a collaborative process, combine this information with genomic and clinical data in order to present new hypotheses and answers. By marrying genomic data with phenotypic and contextual information, the UnDx Consortium believes undiagnosed disease patients can get new information about their diseases, and, more importantly, acquire knowledge that could assist them in managing their illnesses and/or guide their next steps in searching for a diagnosis.

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