JUPITER, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 26, 2016) -  Red Spot Interactive (RSI) has announced its most recent elective health care client results from its patient acquisition platform. In five years, for just under 200 elective health care practices, RSI's medical marketing platform has generated over $100,000,000 in new patient fees through over 100,000 scheduled patient appointments. RSI's platform integrates practice management and marketing data for plastic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, and orthodontics practices so they can simply measure and optimize the entire patient acquisition and retention process based on their practices profits. Practice profits from marketing are improved on average by over 350% through easy to understand measurement and automation of the patient acquisition process. Practice administrators also save enormous amounts of time associated with non-revenue generating activities such as data collection from separated systems, lead management and follow up, and unproductive marketing reviews. 

Participating plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and orthodontists consistently exceed 300% return on investment from the platform with many in excess of 500% annually calculated as gross profit divided by marketing costs. "Any medical practice not managing their marketing and patient acquisition system by their return on investment is leaving money on the table in today's competitive world of service providers, product alternatives, and unproductive marketing channels," stated Jason Tuschman, President and Co-Founder. "RSI is the only solution in the market delivering software and services that integrate practice management and marketing data into a usable format by which you can measure and enhance performance for the entire patient acquisition process. Through one simple cloud based system practices can analyze marketing, lead generation, appointment scheduling, patient sales, all the way through to patient lifetime value based on their profits and nothing less." See RSI's platform in detail here.

RSI's platform has been successfully utilized by many of the country's leading practices for plastic surgery marketing, dermatology marketing, Lasik marketing, and orthodontist marketing. RSI's software integrates with over 20 different practice management or EMR software allowing for real-time reporting of marketing and patient acquisition ROI and key performance indicators. RSI expects to have 10 more practice management and EMR systems integrated by year end. "The days of medical marketing vendors only showing dollar signs when discussing their marketing costs are over. Practices need to understand the dollar signs associated with their profits first and marketing metrics second when optimizing the patient acquisition process," added Tuschman.

RSI also provides a fully automated patient retention suite that integrates patient appointments, patient surveys, highly targeted patient lifecycle messaging, a complete online reputation management system, and an automated practice loyalty app. The addition of the automated patient retention suite has generated patient lifetime value increases for aesthetic medical practices at 50% to 100% respectively. 

Due to RSI's software understanding the ROI of the patient acquisition and retention process, RSI is also able to provide industry leading website design, search engine optimization, and patient scheduling services for many of its clients. This combination of ROI driven patient acquisition and retention analytics combined with industry leading marketing services allows RSI's clients to generate a compounding return on investment.

Tuschman concluded, "These results establish RSI as the clear leader in marketing software and services for plastic surgeons, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and orthodontists. Our integrated technology and marketing services consistently create a compounding return on investment for our clients from their marketing and practice systems while saving them time and money."

About Red Spot Interactive

Red Spot Interactive (RSI) provides patient acquisition software and services measured and optimized by its clients return on investment (ROI). RSI's platform has generated over $100,000,000 in new patient fee's and over 100,000 scheduled patient appointments for less than 200 practices in five years. Through the proprietary integration of practice management, EMR, and marketing data, RSI is able to understand, automate, and improve its clients ROI associated with the patient acquisition and retention process. In addition, RSI provides a fully automated patient retention suite, which further increases practice profits and scale. 

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Contact information:
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Phone: 800-401-7931