SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 27, 2016) - Today Particle, the most widely used Internet of Things (IoT) platform, announced a custom integration with Google Cloud Platform, a leading cloud technology in areas such as computing and storage, data analytics, machine learning, and security. As the first Particle IoT integration built for Google Cloud, the collaboration will give developers and product builders the opportunity to access and bring new data from physical sources online.

IoT devices generate massive amounts of data and, according to industry analysts, that number will only increase. IDC's annual Digital Universe Study found that the amount of data on the planet is set to grow tenfold heading into 2020, from around 4.4 zettabytes (ZB) to 44ZB. This collaboration opens the door to more easily work with this influx of data, and makes available to businesses new data sets that have been previously untapped which can generate stronger machine learning models, ultimately helping to refine and capitalize on all the advantages of IoT technology.

"It's a natural and exciting step to integrate with Google Cloud Platform," said Zach Supalla, CEO of Particle. "In many ways machine learning and IoT rely on each other to reach their full potential. IoT makes machine learning stronger by providing massive sets of physical, real-world, and nuanced data, and machine learning strengthens IoT's potential by uniquely digesting that physical data to impact critical business decisions and develop valuable use cases for IoT. The marriage of these two technologies is a logical fit as we work together toward a common goal of creating greater ease-of-use and access to data in 'smart time.'"

Particle's ecosystem of connected devices combined with the machine learning capabilities of the Google Cloud Platform can help data scientists to create smarter models, iterate more quickly in smart-time and improve applications. Traditionally data sets have come from virtual sources like digital clicks or financial transactions, but with Particle, the integration incorporates data from the physical world.

Google has been experimenting with tracking their iconic gBikes on campus with Particle Asset Trackers. Now the integration that powered this project is available on a larger scale for both Particle and Google customers and users.

To get started, check out the tutorial on the Particle website and please visit for more information.

About Particle
Particle is a scalable, reliable and secure Internet of Things device platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily build, connect and manage their connected solutions. Particle launched on Kickstarter in 2013 with the vision of making the Internet of Things easy and accessible. Particle's tools are now used by 70,000 engineers in more than 170 countries and are being used by many Fortune 500 companies to develop and manage fleets of new IoT products. Their portfolio includes a cellular platform and cellular hardware development kits including the Electron and Photon. Particle was listed as one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2015 and its CEO, Zach Supalla, has spoken as an authority on the Internet of Things at prominent events such as OSCON, Solid, Web Summit, GMIC, and Launch.

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