PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 27, 2016) - Medable, the leading application and analytics platform for healthcare, today announced Axon, a solution that enables health professionals to directly build clinical study applications without a developer in a matter of hours. Representing the first of its kind "SmartStudy" technology, Axon unlocks the potential of health professionals to directly collect patient data at massive scale through dedicated mobile applications. Axon provides an easy to use, point and click interface that connects ResearchKit -- Apple's open source user interface for mobile clinical studies -- and additional capabilities, with Medable's HIPAA compliant platform to rapidly create and launch clinical study applications, without writing any code and easily submit to the App Store. Axon enables disease prediction models to be generated from study data, paving the way for algorithmic and personalized medicine -- enabling health professionals to become true innovators.

During the past year, Medable worked with researchers across the world to develop mobile applications to study health and disease. Medable recognized the potential for mobile to enable a new era of health applications with patient-physician connectivity, the collection of patient-generated data at scale and Apple's ResearchKit as a means to engage massive study participation and to collect new kinds of patient data from mobile devices.

"When you look at what we really know about health and disease, it's limited. Mobile-enabled data collection has the potential to dramatically expand our understanding of health and disease, and it starts by allowing health professionals to leverage mobile to conduct studies at massive scale, without traditional geographic barriers, ushering in a new era of patient-generated data," said Dr. Michelle Longmire, CEO and co-founder, Medable. "Axon makes ResearchKit and the power of mobile immediately accessible to not only health professionals, but to everyone around the world by removing costly development barriers and by addressing data security and regulatory requirements. As a physician, I think Axon is truly transformative. Wide adoption of mobile in clinical studies will dramatically accelerate our understanding of health and disease through studies with larger numbers that are more representative of patient demographics and new types of health data."

"We are at the beginning of a major transformation in how we study human health and what we use to conduct medical research," said Dr. Longmire. "The iPhone and mHealth applications will become integral to this process in the near future, and researchers leveraging Axon are leading the way in this critical transformation."

Customer Quotes

"Medable is enabling the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine to study health and illness through a new lens: the daily life of a patient living with a given condition," said Dr. Leslie Saxon, Professor of Medicine, Clinical Scholar, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine. "We are studying the insight this provides for the management of complex medical conditions, and I believe we can improve outcomes and overcome the many hurdles faced by patients, caregivers and providers in the management of complex diseases. By using Axon, we have been able to easily launch clinical applications and study their impact on patient management and outcomes. Medable is giving any researcher or physician the chance to create an impactful medical application."

"I oversee the team developing mobile health apps for a recently funded Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists project that includes a multi-disciplinary team from Castleton University, The Cancer Prevention Institute of California and Stanford University," said Yasamin Miller, Managing Director of The Yasamin Miller Group. Miller is the founder and former Executive Director of the Cornell Survey Research Institute. "Creating iOS and Android applications on an extremely tight timeline would not have been possible without the use of Medable's Axon product. Axon facilitated rapid development and enabled team members without developer expertise to contribute and play key roles. With Axon, we were able to quickly launch our apps for inter-team testing and iteration which will improve participant engagement."

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Medable is a privately held company based in Palo Alto whose vision is to enable a healthier life for all people by fostering technology that is seamless, adaptive and as integrated as the human body. Medable has three products that enable healthcare innovation. Medable Cortex is the fastest path to a scalable, interoperable, HIPAA compliant applications. Medable Axon is the world's first SmartStudy technology that enables health experts to directly create and launch applications that care for patients and collect health data in a framework that enables precision medicine. Medable Cerebrum enables secure analytics across Medable apps on Cortex, Axon or third party backend systems for real-time algorithm-driven patient monitoring and health data visualization. The Medable team includes medical, cloud and data systems experts who are mission driven to transform human health through responsible and innovative technologies.

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