BOCA RATON, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 27, 2016) - Ovation Music & Studios, Inc. (OTC PINK: OVMS), (the "Company"),, and, rolls out its fall concert schedule and update on a Letter of Intent to acquire an interest in a leading edge music platform and hi-fidelity device company.

Ovation Music & Studio Boca Raton Fall Tour Schedule


NOVEMBER 19, 2016


DECEMBER 3, 2016


DECEMBER 11, 2016

*Trigger -- a five piece alternative hard rock grunge act will blow back your hair, straight out of Sub Pop. Two guitar attack, drum and bass drive the sound and subtle vocals. Guitar legend Aldo Marchant is the Trigger music director.

*The Jack Rabbits -- a five piece classic rock and alternative band features dueling guitars, big back beat and searing vocals electrifies any room. Local bass guitar funk master Austin Newsom is The Jack Rabbits music director.

*2AM -- a five piece pop punk combination pushing the glam '70s NYC vibe. Pop punk swing, swapping guitars and rockabilly back beat with vocal driver. West coast recording artist Zach Cohen is the 2AM music director.

*Borderline Blues -- a nine piece rhythm & blues unit with full horn section featuring an old school dance funk rock sound with layers of vocals. Vocal harmony pushed by swing rhythm section. Blues touring star Joel Da Silva is the Borderline Blues music director.

*No Tux -- a four piece underground punk attack at its most ferocious, straight ahead in your face and fast paced. West coast recording artist Zach Cohen is No Tux music psychologist.

*Alive N Kickin -- a five piece Folk Rock veteran group is back for another tour, '60s and '70s rock & roll. Donny Paulson of the '70s and '80s chart topping recording and touring band Chameleon is the music director.

Call Ovation Music & Studios, Boca Raton at 561-487-0451 for upcoming band and tour schedule information.

Digital Legends

Digital Legends is developing an audio listening platform that allows listeners to participate in live music and new music/artist launch and listening parties, while communicating digitally at the same time. The millennials are eager to share their lives digitally with their friends and that includes music. Additionally, this platform also allows artist to be paid in bitcoins which will increase their compensation by cutting out the numerous intermediaries between the artist and their digital rights payments. Digital Legends' MBox -- Epic Sound provides 10x the sound quality at 20% of the cost of its nearest competitors, like JVC, Sony and Beats.

MBox Makes Digital and Streamed Music Sound Like It's Supposed To Be -- Big, Live and Real

Popular streaming services like Spotify can stream audio up to 320Kbps, but this quality is not lossless. This is usually good enough for casual listeners, but audiophiles who can hear the difference will usually demand more. MBox alleviates this problem by playing back audio at 192KHz in 24-bit lossless quality. To put these numbers in perspective: CDs have a sampling rate of 44KHz at 16-bits.

MBox: The New Paradigm for HiFi Music Playback

MBox is a mobile android based audio streaming amplifier/DAC music player. MBox will set the standard in portability, accessibility and processing of HiFi streaming and digital audio reproduction. MBox has a new set of integrated features which will allow it to establish a leading market position in playback quality and market price point. 

About Ovation Music & Studios, Inc.

Ovation Music & Studios, Inc. is a music education company that provides individual and group lessons, rehearsal studios, professional recording studios, and live performances with its Rock Shop™ and Jazz Jam™ ensembles. Ovation Music & Studios is developed for students of all ages. Their unique method provides professional musicians and teachers in one-to-one voice and instrument lessons. When the students have developed skill in the instrument as well as in music theory and ear training, they are combined into rock bands and/or jazz ensembles which perform in public venues.

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