NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Strata+Hadoop World 2016, booth #301) -- Paxata customers and partners are joining together at Strata+Hadoop World 2016 to share best practices and demonstrate how they are leveraging the Paxata Business Information Platform to create a vast data network for business users. For a complete schedule of speaking sessions and event activities, visit:

What: Paxata customer panel: Join data experts from Citi, Standard Charter Bank and Polaris for a panel discussion moderated by Paxata co-founder and chief product officer, Nenshad Bardoliwalla. Learn about the principles, technologies and processes they have used to design a highly efficient, self-service information management system. Hear how they eliminate historical obstacles and reduce risk with new methods for data integration and enrichment, data quality, governance and collaboration.
When: Wednesday, Sept. 28th, 2:05pm - 2:45pm EDT
Where: Room: 1 C04 / 1 C05

What: Cisco/Paxata/Cloudera joint presentation: Accelerating demand for analytics requires a robust, scalable big data architecture that encompasses data preparation, HDFS, Spark and Hadoop software, running on resilient, high-performance hardware infrastructure. Attend this session to learn about the latest data preparation architecture advancements and best practices from Cloudera, Cisco and Paxata.
When: Wednesday, Sept. 28th, 12:40pm, 2:40pm, 4:20pm EDT and Thursday Sept. 29, 2:40 and 4pm EDT
Where: Cisco theater booth #833

The following sessions will be taking place in the Paxata theater booth 301, please stop by the booth for a complete schedule:

What: Paxata Customer Presentation with PwC: The Opportunities and Challenges of Leveraging Big Data Technologies in Regulatory Compliance
During this session, PwC will discuss the opportunities and challenges of implementing and driving adoption of big data technologies from their own experience and from their work with clients across various industries, particularly in financial services regulatory compliance.  PwC will highlight some of the barriers that an organization needs to address in order to realize a return on investment in big data, and present a range of use cases where they are working on leveraging Paxata to generate value.
Speakers: Patrick Davis, Director, PwC, Brittany Ryan, Senior Associate, PwC, Sean Carroll, Senior Associate, PwC

What: Paxata Partner Presentation with Eccella: Self-service Interactive Analytic Insights
Come hear how Eccella is leveraging Paxata to manage previously unmanageable, large datasets in various industries to empower business users with quick results. Eccella will demonstrate a healthcare spotlight where large value was found in days with Paxata and new insights and business rules were developed interactively.
Speaker: Joshua Girard, Senior Manager, Eccella

What: Paxata Partner Presentation with Tableau: Complete, Contextual and Trusted Friends
As more companies leverage Tableau to provide analytics on all of their data, including their data in Hadoop, the need to take data from its raw format to something that can be visually explored becomes increasingly more important, and that’s why Paxata is a perfect complement for Tableau in an optimized big data analytics architecture. Come see how Tableau and Paxata help change the way you get insights from billions of rows and diverse sources, in a way that’s fast, easy and visual. The impact? Real analytics empowerment that’ll grow businesses, improve lives and change the world.
Speaker: Vaidy Krishnan, Big Data Product Marketing Lead, Tableau

What: Paxata Partner Presentation with Clarity Solutions Group: Bridging Communication Silos in Analytics Teams
For many companies, the big data analytics disruption of the past decade has not been about how much data you can handle. In fact, the ability to handle massive data has existed for years (albeit locked in expensive proprietary technology silos). Instead, the big benefits have been the reduced organizational costs of leveraging analytics. Where the past paradigm may have been focused more on “throwing code over the wall” or shifting technical debt, the full stack paradigm is focused on craftsmanship. The more analytics teams have direct access to their business customers, the more opportunity they have to shape the problem, not just the solution.
Speaker: Tripp Smith, CTO, Clarity Solutions Group

What: Paxata Partner Presentation with Trace3: Trace3 and Paxata: United to Create Analytic Enablement OR Next Generation Data Analytics
The primary focus of Trace3 is to enable businesses to transform traditional data warehouse and B/I environments to next generation Data Analytics platforms using today’s best in breed solutions such as Paxata. We will show how the partnership between Trace3 and Paxata brings the best in interactive self-service data prep at scale to drive business outcomes. 
Speakers: Jennifer Benito, Data Consultant, Trace3 and Eric Hankins, Senior Data Architect, Trace3

What: Paxata Partner Presentation with Cloudera: Spark Drives Better Business Outcomes
Spark is a popular topic these days with much promise from cost-to-compute and performance perspective, but how does it drive better business outcomes? Dan Wilson and Rik Tamm-Daniels will discuss how Cloudera's innovations and investments in Spark enable Paxata to empower the business with rapid analytic insight at scale with rich governance, collaboration and security.
Speakers: Dan Wilson, ISV Senior Manager, Cloudera and Rik Tamm-Daniels, VP Technology and Partnerships, Paxata

What: Paxata Demonstrations

  • Exploring the enterprise data lake with an extensible platform (Paxata Connect) - this demonstration showcases Paxata Connect, the latest innovation to the Paxata Business Information Platform. IT organizations can now make any data asset in their enterprise accessible to business teams via a highly-intuitive interface. See how easily analysts can perform data discovery within relational datastores without writing SQL, navigate Hadoop clusters with clicks and not code, and access cloud data as easily as local files. 
  • Customer Segmentation in Financial Services - this demonstration features the intelligence and innovation of the Paxata self-service data preparation app, the analyst-driven workspace powered by Paxata's Business Information Platform. In this financial services scenario, business analysts explore millions of records in client bookings files, previously dark data in a Hadoop cluster, using Paxata's underlying algorithms to intelligently discover patterns, data errors, and one outlier out of millions. Analysts elevate their tactical analytics to strategic insights by seamlessly combining demographics data from proprietary relational data stores and reshaping pivot tables from different business units. These insights are easy to visualize in Tableau, then traced back to the source with ClicktoPrep links back to the complete, auditable Paxata projects. 

About Paxata
The Paxata self-service data preparation platform provides an interactive, analyst-centric data prep experience powered by a unified set of technologies designed from the ground up for comprehensive data integration, data quality, semantic enrichment, collaboration and governance. Information-driven organizations who want to make data worth analyzing use Paxata to gather, explore, clean, shape, combine, collaborate and publish all the data they need into rich AnswerSets™ which power ad hoc, operational, predictive and packaged analytics. Business analysts are assisted by machine learning algorithms to more easily understand, categorize, integrate, and link data to more quickly and accurately build trusted meaningful AnswerSets™ for analytics and business actions.

Paxata’s platform, built on Apache Spark and optimized to run in Hadoop environments, leverages distributed computing, machine learning and a dynamically visual workspace that promotes transparent governance and ad hoc collaboration. Paxata data prep, powered by IntelliFusion™, is designed to eliminate the need for coding, scripting and sampling. The solution is available as a service, and can be deployed in AWS virtual private clouds or within Hadoop environments at customer sites.

Paxata is headquartered in Redwood City with offices in New York, Ohio and Washington DC. Visit, follow @Paxata, connect on, follow us at and watch us on

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