SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) - Perks and rewards provider, AnyPerk, today announced that it has raised $11.5 million in Series A-1 funding, bringing the company's total Series A funding to $20 million. DCM Ventures, Nissay Capital, CyberAgent, Itochu Technology Ventures, GMO Venture Partners and several others participated. This latest round of funding will help AnyPerk, which currently offers an employee perks, rewards and recognition platform, significantly grow their Engineering and Customer Success teams and expand their products and services.

"Happiness is a key part of employee engagement, and what makes one employee happy might not be the same for someone else. Consistent recognition shows employees that you care, while lightening the offline burden for HR and driving productivity and talent retention. This investment will accelerate growth for both our Perks and Rewards products, expand our product suite, and further navigate us along in our journey to help companies of all shapes and sizes build places where employees love to work," said AnyPerk CEO Taro Fukuyama.

Productivity and retention are costly problems for businesses. The employee experience is increasingly becoming a key part of many companies' digital transformations, yet employee happiness is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. It is challenging for managers to not just create, but sustain employee happiness in a cost-effective way. AnyPerk is a customizable perks and rewards platform that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to consistently recognize and reward employees with personalized perks designed to fit their diverse and evolving lifestyles.

As workforce management continues to move more toward mobile technology, AnyPerk is also building an Android application and adding a geo-notifications feature, helping team leaders stay in the loop wherever they are, while keeping their employees who work in mobile and remote environments happy and engaged.

"Making sure that employees feel appreciated is just one part of a very busy day for business leaders, particularly among small to medium-sized companies. Doing it consistently is even harder. Yet, employees who feel appreciated are the ones who will step up and stick around. Investing into needed areas like mobile will solidify our identity as a manager's all-in-one solution for making sure that the right employees are being recognized regularly," said Fukuyama.

Along with helping AnyPerk's Engineering team further explore and develop new offerings, the Series A-1 round will also help the company focus on Customer Success. AnyPerk will continue to emphasize strong leadership and long-term guidance along the customer journey, focusing on a more consultative approach and paying close attention to employee diversity and inclusion.

The company has raised $24.5 million to date. The Series A-1 round closed on July 1, 2016. To learn more about how AnyPerk can help your employees' happiness, please visit

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AnyPerk offers a perks and rewards platform used by over 1,000 companies across the U.S. From startups competing for top talent to Fortune 500 companies strengthening their employer brands, AnyPerk helps customers build cultures of appreciation and recognition, knowing that happier employees make for better business. Founded in 2012, AnyPerk is headquartered in San Francisco. Learn more at

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