HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) - DynaEnergetics today introduced two families of shaped charges designed specifically to enhance well productivity and operational efficiency in unconventional reservoirs. 

The new HaloFrac™ shaped charge line incorporates DynaEnergetics' latest technological advancements in liner materials and shaped charge geometry to improve hydraulic fracturing performance. HaloFrac delivers improved reservoir connection and increased total EUR (estimated ultimate recovery) as well as a reduction in well TCO (total cost of operations). Perforating with HaloFrac creates tunnel-tip fractures and ideal reservoir access for hydraulic fracturing fluid. This results in lower and more consistent breakdown pressures, uniform proppant placement, reduced screenouts, highly uniform frac clusters and higher well productivity ratios.

The second line, FracTune™, delivers uniform hole diameter in the well casing independent of shot phasing and gun positioning within the well bore. Wells perforated with FracTune show low variation in flow and pressure across the perforations, uniform proppant placement, uniform frac clusters and reduced screenouts. The result is better hydraulic fracture efficiency and well performance as compared to conventional deep penetrating shaped charges.

These new products, together with DynaEnergetics' new DPEX™ shaped-charge family, comprise the company's advanced line of formation-optimized shaped charges. All three lines are available for DynaEnergetics' new factory-assembled DynaStage™ perforating systems, as well as conventional perforating gun systems across a range of gun diameters. With HaloFrac, FracTune and DPEX, oil and gas companies can select the ideal charge for their formation geology and well completion design. 

For more information please visit www.dynaenergetics.com, call our toll free customer service number 1.844.BUY.DYNA or contact your local DynaEnergetics sales representative.

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DynaEnergetics' innovative perforating systems make a measureable impact on well productivity, completion cost and safety. As the only global perforating manufacturer that designs, manufactures and qualifies all of its equipment and accessories in-house, DynaEnergetics ensures unmatched performance and the lowest total cost of operations. DynaEnergetics is a business of publicly traded Dynamic Materials Corporation. For more information, visit www.dynaenergetics.com.

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