DEDHAM, MA--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) -  RAGE Frameworks, a provider of Artificial Intelligence for the Enterprise, announced today that its CEO and chairman, Dr. Venkat Srinivasan, has published a new book, The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data. Srinivasan's book talks about a new kind of enterprise architecture in the era of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, with practical methods and "ready now" technology to get there. "It is about the brave new world that narrows the gap between technology and business," said Victor J. Menezes, retired senior vice chairman, Citigroup. "The book has practical advice from a thoughtful practitioner. Intelligent automation will be a competitive strength in the future. Will your company be ready?"

Beginning with an introduction to the key challenges that many enterprises face, the book outlines modern enterprise architecture in the era of AI and Big Data. The book argues that this era provides an opportunity for enterprises to effectively address challenges of efficiency, flexibility, and intelligence. This architecture design enables rapid responses to market needs through an integrated approach that focuses on the three challenges in a holistic fashion. It broadens the definition of AI from a narrow focus on analytics to both analytics and automation of knowledge-based processes. "… the enterprise of today has changed … wherever you sit in this new corporation … Srinivasan gives us a practical and provocative guide for rethinking our business process … calling us all to action around rapid development of our old, hierarchical structures into flexible customer centric competitive force ….A must read for today's business leader," Mark Nunnelly, Executive Director, MassIT, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Managing Director, Bain Capital.

Illustrating these elements in the context of real business processes, The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data also features:

  • A detailed discussion on the approach necessary to solve the issues of time-to-market and flexibility with respect to enterprise technology;

  • Illustrations through extensive real-world case studies to help readers better understand the applicability of AI in the era of Big Data;

  • Approaches to address the challenges of AI in handling language in context and why AI solutions don't all have to be black boxes;

  • Various applications of natural language processing to real-world business transactions;

  • A practical framework for designing and building intelligent enterprises.

"A compelling vision of the next generation of organization -- the intelligent enterprise -- which will leverage not just big data but also unstructured text and artificial intelligence to optimize internal processes in real time … a must-read book for CEOs and CTOs in all industries," Ravi Ramamurti, D"Amore-McKim Distinguished Professor of International Business and Strategy, and Director, Center for Emerging Markets, Northeastern University.

The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data is an appropriate reference for business executives, information technology professionals, data scientists, and management consultants.

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