AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) - Spredfast, the leading independent maker of social marketing software, today announced the launch of SpredInsights, a program offering social media insights and analysis to journalists around the world. The first program of its kind in the industry, SpredInsights delivers accurate, timely, and high-quality social insights and visualizations to U.S., U.K., Canadian, and Australian media covering breaking news, politics, entertainment, lifestyle topics, and sports. 

"Social media is at the heart of every community and every story, and it shapes the way we view the world. And journalists need an objective, reliable, ongoing source of social data," said Jim Rudden, CMO of Spredfast. "So we're raising our hand to meet that unmet need, and to deliver the high-quality, trusted data that enriches a great story."

Nearly two-thirds of American adults use social networking sites, a ten-fold increase since 2005. Social media now provides a real-time barometer of society's thoughts and feelings, and it's an always-on focus group of more than 1 billion social connections.

With SpredInsights, journalists will be able understand the voice of the community through real-time analysis of social conversations on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. SpredInsights analysis can examine conversation volume and velocity, sentiment, gender, age, and geographic breakdowns, the top content and people driving the conversation, and surface unexpected or hidden trends. 

"Spredfast's insights have enriched our news coverage with an added layer of storytelling," said Lauren Johnson, digital marketing reporter at Adweek. "Today's news cycle requires incredibly quick, but rich, social insights that go beyond 'likes' and retweets to uncover the social story that the average online user can't access. The findings that Spredfast delivers add a unique take that readers might not have expected."

"Social insights tell the story behind the story," said Ashley Brown, Spredfast's Vice President of Communications. "With this program, we hope to show value to our media partners by delivering social insights that are frictionless to obtain, interpret, and use."

To submit a research request, simply submit an inquiry online and the Spredfast research team will deliver findings, analysis, and visuals. For more information, head to SpredInsights or @SpredInsights.

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