SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) - Basho Technologies, the creator and developer of Riak® KV and Riak® TS, the world's most resilient NoSQL databases, today announced the latest versions of its Riak TS and Riak KV databases. Basho also announced enhancements including an updated Spark Connector, and enhanced Mesos support. These collective updates reinforce Basho's position as a leading NoSQL company that enables organizations to quickly create value from massive amounts of data, including streaming IoT sensor and device data, while relieving engineering and operational burdens with solutions that assure high availability and operational simplicity.

Basho NoSQL databases provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than competitors, as well as the high scalability enterprises require. The improvements to Riak KV and Riak TS make it easier for application developers to build scalable, future-proof applications and allow fine grain control over running operations to ensure peak performance. Building on work done with Cisco for MesosCon, Basho has now introduced an Erlang-based framework for Mesos to help its customers increase machine utilization efficiency.

Riak databases address some of the most pressing issues facing developers as they build big data and IoT applications capable of scaling to unprecedented size and withstanding the rigors of today's modern data realities. A recent Basho sponsored TechValidate survey of Riak users revealed the following findings:

  • Respondents were asked to list the greatest concerns facing developers when considering whether to start IoT projects. The majority cited application stability at scale as the greatest concern (see research chart).
  • Survey respondents agree on three major pain points developers face when managing applications that use their data. "Reliability," "ease of operations" and "scalability" are the issues most respondents have in common.
  • More than 70% of those surveyed agreed that technology infrastructures required to support IoT initiatives will face greater scale challenges than big data initiatives of years past.
  • Nearly all respondents believe NoSQL solutions will be the databases of choice for supporting IoT applications.

"Basho continues to focus on a multi-model approach to help organizations simplify data management for big data applications," said Adam Wray, CEO, Basho. "Companies must architect data initiatives so that they accelerate the creation and deployment of data pipelines to collect, process and analyze IoT and big data. Basho's Riak databases are purpose-built to handle the volume, variety and velocity challenges today's data presents. The enhancements we make today will help empower more efficient analysis and better decisions in the future."

Riak® TS 1.4 Release Highlights

The new release of Riak TS adds significant new features, including extended support for SQL commands that follow the SQL standard and the ability to expire unneeded data. Additional support for SQL commands means application developers don't have to write code to perform common functions. The following new features are supported in Riak TS 1.4:

  • Data Expiry: Data expiry automatically removes aged data from the database. Time Series data accumulates over time and often there is no need to retain this data in the application database. Users can now configure global object expiration. 
  • Group By: The "Group By" command is used in SELECT statements and groups the results of the query by one or more columns. An example where this can be useful is when aggregating an attribute of a device over time. 
  • Show Tables: The command returns a list of all the tables in the schema.
  • Textual date and time formats: These formats are supported for INSERT and SELECT statements. In addition to timestamps, ISO 8601 date/time formats can be used when inserting data and running range queries.

Riak® KV 2.2 Release Highlights

Basho continues to support and develop Riak KV and in the coming weeks will release Riak KV 2.2, which includes features and enhancements identified via community and customer feedback. These enhancements include:

  • Improved Active Anti-Entropy performance by enabling more consistent hashing of metadata.
  • Support for HyperLogLog Data Type: Added HyperLogLog to the CRDT based built in Riak Distributed Data Types providing developers the ability to estimate the cardinality of an input set.
  • Enhanced Configuration Controls: Enable simplified operations by adding the ability to have fine grain control over commands that, when run, could have a performance impact on the Riak cluster. 
  • Improved Search: Enhanced support for Apache Solr.
  •  LZ4 compression: LZ4 compression provides more effective and faster compression of data for enhanced cluster performance.
  • Introduction of support for Debian 8 "Jessie," and
  • The ability to expire data globally in LevelDB.

Details on Basho's Apache Spark Connector are available in a recent blog post. Release notes are also available. The enhanced Riak Mesos Framework provides the ability to deploy and run Riak KV and Riak TS on Apache Mesos or Mesosphere DC/OS clusters. Release notes are available.

Industry Support for Riak Solutions

"With Mantl, Cisco continues to be a strong supporter of the open source technologies that are making it possible to scale applications to meet the enormous demands of big data. We are excited to see Riak TS continue to evolve to meet the challenges associated with leveraging time series data. Basho Technologies' efforts to further integrate Riak with Apache Spark and Apache Mesos will ease the development burden on those looking to build end to end scalable IoT and big data applications."
-- Kenneth Owens, CTO, cloud platforms and services group, Cisco Systems

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Basho Technologies, the creator of the world's most resilient databases, is dedicated to developing disruptive technology that simplifies enterprises' most critical distributed systems data management challenges. Basho has attracted one of the most talented groups of engineers and technical experts ever assembled devoted exclusively to solving some of the most complex issues presented by Big Data and IoT. Basho's distributed database, Riak® KV, the industry leading distributed NoSQL database, is used by fast growing Web businesses and by one-third of the Fortune 50 to power their critical Web, mobile and social applications. Built on the same foundation, Basho introduced Riak® TS, which is the first enterprise-ready NoSQL database specifically optimized to store, query and analyze time series data. Basho also helps enterprises reduce the complexity of supporting Big Data applications by integrating Riak KV, Riak TS and Riak® S2 with Apache Spark, Mesos, Redis, and Apache Solr.

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