HORSHAM, PA--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) - Human Resource Executive® magazine, the premier publication focused on strategic issues in HR, today announced details of the Sourcing and Assessment track to be presented at the inaugural Human Resource Executive® Talent Acquisition Tech Conference, taking place at the Austin Hilton in Texas on November 15 - 16, 2016.

Andrew McIlvaine, program chair of the conference, commented, "Hiring has become more challenging in recent years; not only do employers face intense competition for the best talent, but they must also contend with more candidates applying to each open position. As a result, companies today need to embrace the solutions and strategies that can help them target their hiring practices to find, attract and evaluate candidates effectively to ensure they make well-informed hiring decisions. The Sourcing and Assessment track will highlight what successful companies are doing to elevate their talent acquisition processes and hire top talent."

During the Talent Acquisition Tech Conference, the world's most renowned sourcing experts and talent acquisition leaders will gather to share their insights and explore how technology is transforming the way talent is sourced, hired and brought into leading organizations. Through the event's Sourcing and Assessment track, attendees will learn how to develop effective strategies to attract and engage talent as well as how to identify the best candidates and make them their next great hires.

The sessions in the track highlight how several companies have adopted the tools and technologies to significantly enhance how they hire. These sessions will explore how:

  • Wells Fargo built out its existing talent acquisition platform to engage in high-volume recruiting and standardized its international recruiting processes to hire more than 5,000 people.
  • American Airlines developed a fresh delivery model for talent acquisition following its merger with US Airways, reinventing its hiring process and putting candidates center stage.
  • VMware solves the challenge of a perceived shortage of technical talent by using automated code challenges for candidates to showcase their skills and ensure the company hires the best.
  • Slalom Consulting modeled its hiring strategies after next-generation sales departments, encouraging its talent acquisition team to prioritize goals using data and forecasting.
  • USG Corp. leverages digital techniques like search engine optimization, mobile devices, social media, referrals and video to power up its talent acquisition strategy.
  • Houston Health Department adopted digital interviews to improve hiring quality, efficiency and speed while creating a mutually beneficial experience for candidates and hiring managers.
  • State Street Corp. built a cost-effective, in-house offshore sourcing team to find the best talent, without having to rely on an external staffing firm.
  • Bright Horizons Family Solutions developed a data-driven approach to job ad spending that has dramatically improved the ROI of its advertising while finding and hiring the top candidates.

The Talent Acquisition Tech Conference is co-located with the annual Recruiting Trends Conference. In addition to learning the latest trends and technologies in talent acquisition, attendees are encouraged to attend the 2016 Candidate Experience Awards Gala. Hosted by Talent Board on the night of Tuesday, November 15, the event will honor the winners of the 2016 program and highlight best candidate-experience practices.

Registration is now open for the inaugural Talent Acquisition Tech Conference, with a pre-early bird discount of $350.00 through October 13, 2016. For additional information and to register, visit www.TalentTechConf.com or call toll-free 1-800-727-1227.

About the Talent Acquisition Technology Conference
From the producers of the HR Technology Conference and Exposition®, the world's largest event dedicated to HR technology, comes the Human Resource Executive® Talent Acquisition Tech Conference. At this new event, the world's most renowned experts and talent acquisition leaders will explore how technology is transforming the way talent is sourced, hired and brought into leading organizations. Attendees will learn how to develop strategies to attract and engage the right candidates while continually and creatively identifying new talent pools to find their next great hires. The event also includes the Talent Acquisition Tech Expo, showcasing the latest talent acquisition products and services -- providing the opportunity to touch, compare and contrast the latest solutions from leading vendors. For more information, visit: http://www.talenttechconf.com/.