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AssistRx Shares Insight Into Maximizing Workflow Efficiency at the 7th Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference

Company Calls on the Specialty Pharmaceutical Industry to Leverage Technology and Improve the Patient Experience

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) - AssistRx announces its Vice President of Strategic Development, Andrew Dunning, will present at the 7th Hub and SPP Model Optimization Conference on September 29, 2016. Mr. Dunning will share his expert insight into how specialty pharmaceutical brands can simplify access and accelerate time-to-therapy for patients by leveraging technology, such as the iAssist Workflow, to replace an archaic paper/fax based process.

By utilizing technology that streamlines the prescribing process, specialty pharmaceutical brands can save on administrative costs. More importantly, they can reallocate those resources to direct patient care in hopes of reducing abandonment, improving compliance and adherence, and ultimately improving outcomes.

"Up until now, most specialty meds are prescribed on paper and often not recorded properly in a patient's electronic health record, if at all. That doesn't leave many options for efficiently following patients who are on these therapies," said Dunning.

Being able to track the entire journey of a patient on a specialty medication provides the ability generate and analyze real-world evidence (RWE). RWE can be used to predict potential challenges patients might experience and proactively address them to improve compliance and adherence which potentially improves patient outcomes.

"By replacing the paper-based process with a data-generating technology-based process and integrating the technology into EHRs, we can generate valuable RWE that provides a comprehensive look at the patients' treatment, related comorbidities, and eventual outcomes," Dunning added.

An industry leader in this topic area, Dunning and the AssistRx team, work with specialty and highly managed pharmaceutical products to configure iAssist Workflows that meet the specific needs of the therapy or the patients taking the therapy.

An iAssist Workflow streamlines the prescribing process by utilizing various acceleration services that speed up time-to-therapy. Acceleration services range from electronic prescribing, electronic patient consent capture, electronic prior authorizations, real-time patient benefit eligibility queries, digital enrollment into therapy support programs, and more.

"It's my hope that attendees walk away with an understanding of how valuable technology can be to the patient journey. Not only can we generate and analyze data to better understand patient challenges, but we can also ease the prescribing burden on HCPs, allowing them to focus on what really matters -- improved outcomes," said Dunning.

About AssistRx
AssistRx was founded in 2009 with the mission to connect the patient-centric healthcare team through integrated technology solutions. Their flagship product, iAssist, is a HIPAA compliant, secure, cloud-based platform that allows for the configuration of patient access workflows with acceleration services tailored to the business and therapy needs of specific drugs, and the patients that take those drugs. Using iAssist has proven to accelerate time-to-therapy by reducing the time it takes for patients to get their medications by 45%. AssistRx has built upon the success of iAssist with a drug referral management tool, eCase, and a reporting and analytic platform focused on specialty and highly-managed drug therapies, eInformatix. For additional information, visit

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