MISSOULA, MT--(Marketwired - September 28, 2016) - Fiber optic cabling has been around for decades. It is the backbone of our modern connected world. However, the general sentiment in most technology markets outside of DataComm and Telecommunications is that fiber is some mythical, difficult medium that should be avoided. The truth is, fiber is easier to work with than ever before thanks to Cleerline SSF™ fiber optic cables. This revolutionary technology has eliminated all the major hurdles to using fiber in every installation project, which will soon be not a bonus but a requirement. It simply doesn't have to be scary.

There is a paradigm shift underway in thought about connectivity. With Category or UTP infrastructure, cable is constantly being reinvented to accommodate the need for more bandwidth. Over the last decade, we have gone through coax, to Cat5e, to Cat6, to Cat6a, to Cat7, with Cat8 on the way soon. In contrast, fiber optic cable has remained relatively constant in terms of its available bandwidth. The hardware on each end that has been enhanced to utilize more of the cable's native bandwidth potential. As 4k displays and demand for data overall grows exponentially, the only technology available to handle these requirements now and into the foreseeable future is fiber optics – future-proof any project by installing fiber now instead of category cable which will soon be outdated.

Cleeline SSF™'s cutting-edge construction is stronger than existing fiber optic cables, which enhances the longevity of installations even further. Cleerline SSF™ is also safer to use and terminate than any other fiber optic cable thanks to its revolutionary polymer that prevents the glass fiber from puncturing soft tissue and eliminates shards of glass being released as in traditional installation processes. And, Cleerline SSF™ is faster to terminate than any other fiber optic cable – the process is simple enough for anyone to learn it without extensive training no matter their experience with fiber.

Embracing the future can seem risky, but allowing the fiber optics revolution in progress to pass by is even riskier. Fiber optic cables are the future of all connectivity, and thanks to Cleerline SSF™ the hurdles to joining the future of communication have disappeared.

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