WOBURN, MA--(Marketwired - September 28, 2016) - Youredi, a leading provider of data integration and analytics solutions serving global supply chain, e-commerce, finance and logistics, is announcing the launch of its Youredi Bot. The Youredi chatbot is a new solution for automating interactions between end-users and their service providers. With its new software solution, Youredi clients can serve their customers in a precise manner, utilizing multiple languages, and through multiple channels, 24-hours a day.

Youredi Bot makes it possible for any organization to create 24/7 customer service channels using any pertinent messaging technology, in any native language. As long as there is relevant data being utilized in business information systems, Youredi Bot is able to provide natural customer service responses using any of the modern Instant Messaging (IM) technologies. Youredi Bot provides an instant access to the service providers' customer service using channels like Skype, Facebook Messenger, KIK Messenger, Telegram, text/SMS or e-mail, with the end customer receiving the response to their queries in matter of seconds.

"In modern world, end customers are demanding quick and accurate responses in regards to their customer service communications," explains Youredi CEO, Mr. Jaakko Elovaara. "No longer are consumers willing to wait hours, or even minutes, on hold to speak with a customer representative," he continues. "A typical customer today already uses different instant messaging applications, the preferred choice is often to type the question into a messaging application of choice, and wait for the response from the customer representative."

Youredi's existing clients have their customer service operations already in place. "However, what the majority of customer communications are all about," explains Elovaara, "is standard requests or queries. These can be automated. In turn, this leads to improved performance and precision in customer communications. Meanwhile existing customer service resources can focus on the interactions that a bot cannot handle."

With Youredi Bot, the communication between the customer and the service provider can be automated, with the end customer receiving the responses almost instantly. With the recent advances in neutral language recognition technologies, tasks like receiving orders, querying statuses and filing claims or complaints, are easily automated. The end user today can communicate with a chatbot just as naturally as he does when he talks with a customer representative.

"Not only do we believe that this new technology brings performance benefits when used with current customer service solutions," states Sami Tähtinen, CTO of Youredi Ltd. "We also believe that Youredi Bot provides a way to expand customer service to areas, time zones, and services that were earlier impossible to serve."

As Youredi Bot provides a channel to create conversations between end-users and back-end applications using a natural language, the end user does not need to remember any specific keywords or commands. He or she can instead discuss with the Youredi Bot, stating his or her needs, and Youredi Bot will ask for more information whenever not enough information is available. As a part of Youredi's integration Platform as a Service, the Youredi Bot is able to utilize information contained in businesses' back-end systems, whether they are located on-premise or in the cloud.

"The Youredi Bot can talk with your customers in more than 50 different languages, thanks to the automated language recognition technology and automated translations," explains Tähtinen. "And as the language recognition learns from every conversation, you can easily create a customer service chatbot that understands the terminology your customer is using, utilizes all relevant information found from your business applications, and serves your customer 24 hours a day -- with the language they talk and through the channel they want to use."

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