SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Sep 28, 2016) - TokBox, the real-time communications company, today announced the launch of SIP Interconnect, a breakthrough solution that enables any contact center to deliver the next generation of embedded video and voice customer service. With TokBox SIP Interconnect, organizations can seamlessly integrate WebRTC-powered video and voice in order to offer personal, real-time customer service online. The solution allows operators to embrace the flexibility and power of IP based communications to deliver unprecedented levels of customer experience.

In addition to enabling switching between voice and video calls, SIP Interconnect gives organizations the power to embed communications directly within websites and mobile applications. Calls can be triggered at the touch of a button, immediately taking the customer to an agent who has all the context around the call, such as where the customer was within the app or website, who the customer is, or what task they were trying to complete. Plus, it can be integrated directly into the CRM and contact center systems, so customers will no longer experience the frustration of explaining their identity or situation, or being handed off from one agent to another.

Customers can be instantly routed within existing workflows to the right agent with the right information to deliver a far more efficient service. For the customer, everything can be done in the one place and from any device while experiencing reduced hold times, fewer call drop outs and an overall intuitive, personalized and seamless service from the agent.

With the increasing online and mobile interaction between brands and customers, and rising customer service expectations, SIP Interconnect combines higher levels of personalized customer service as well as significantly increased efficiency and process flows.

Current omnichannel offerings have not kept up with this new wave of embedded online communications. One of the most effective tools -- embedded live video and voice support -- has been hampered by legacy technology.

Telefónica, the global communications company, announced it will be integrating the TokBox SIP Interconnect.

Telefónica Head of Innovation, Gonzalo Martín-Villa commented: "Video is the next wave of customer interaction, but it has been hampered by the legacy infrastructure which has been a walled garden. With SIP Interconnect from TokBox, thousands of contact centers can immediately switch and add video as well as a whole range of value add embedded services."

TokBox CEO, Scott Lomond added: "Companies that are exploring state of the art customer service delivery are beginning to look toward click-to-call technologies and embedded communications, but the technology platforms to date haven't enabled this. With TokBox SIP Interconnect we remove all of the technology barriers so that contact center operators and companies of all sizes can provide the superior customer service experience that comes with contextual communications."

TokBox SIP Interconnect is configurable for multiple use cases. For example "see-what-I-see", where the operator can view the customer's environment through their smartphone camera, such as an insurance operator viewing the damage to a house or car. Or "click to call", giving any customer the ability to trigger a video or voice call directly within the context of an app or website. Without the "click to call" ability that TokBox SIP Interconnect provides, customers have to leave the app they are in to speak with an agent which makes it more likely they will simply give up and churn away. All options are fully embeddable into a smartphone app or webpage and include third party bridging with interoperability between voice and video.

SIP Interconnect is part of the OpenTok Platform, the leading WebRTC solution for real-time voice and video communications. OpenTok caters to enterprises, entrepreneurs and developers with powerful APIs and a global cloud infrastructure. OpenTok has been used to add video communications to more than 100,000 services by companies including Mozilla, Major League Baseball, Valspar, Bridgestone Golf, Coca-Cola, Ford, Frito-Lays and Double Robotics.

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TokBox, a Telefónica company, develops and operates the OpenTok Platform, making it fast and easy to embed live video, voice, messaging and screen sharing into websites, mobile applications and services. The scalable, customizable platform gives users the creative freedom to develop any video and voice interaction, from one-to-one chats to large-scale broadcasts.

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