TAMPA, FL--(Marketwired - Sep 29, 2016) - Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc. (OTC PINK: UATG), announced this week the production of the newly designed external fixation bone pin to accompany its next generation bone fixator the ClearView™ G2 that it announced last month. The newly designed Aegis™ external fixation pin is made of light weight, high strength titanium with a silver core identified as ASP (Active Silver Protection) making it the first of its kind.

External fixation is an essential component of the modern orthopaedic surgeon's repertoire and is widely used in traumatic and reconstructive surgery. This treatment modality is almost universally associated with the complication of pin track infections. Complications and infections associated with bone fractures requiring external fixation remains the most troublesome disadvantage of external fixation. According to research it has been noted that the introduction of silver nano particles has synergistic activity with common antibiotics already used today, such as; penicillin G, ampicillin, erythromycin, clindamycin, and vancomycin. This complimentary effect can increase the effectiveness of antibiotics thus reducing the likelihood of infection and complications thereof. In other medical equipment, it has been shown that silver nano particles drastically lower the bacterial count on devices used.

When questioned about the new design for an external fixator pin, Chief Executive Officer, Alex Umbra replied, "This is the most significant advance in bone fixation in nearly 80 years. UAT's Active Silver Protection core changes the game by reducing complications and patient pain. The Aegis threaded fixator pin with ASP has a unique two flute design with dual cutting edges that simultaneously cuts while it threads into the bone. It has been designed to eliminate impacting at low rpms, thus reducing thermal damage to bone at the previously required higher rpms."

CEO Alex Umbra worked closely with UAT's Applied Sciences Director and Chief Design Officer Mark Estrada to ensure that every single aspect of the Aegis fixation pin, from its assembly to how it performed, was subjected to remorseless scrutiny. Mr. Estrada commented, "To meet the standards of design and function set forth by Mr. Umbra, we had to essentially pioneer new processes to manufacture and assemble a new product designed to feel like a familiar tool but fundamentally improved across several disciplines."

Umbra Applied Technologies Group has once again delivered an advance design that is as practical as it is elegant. It does not go unnoticed that UATG's design team pays equal attention to functionality and performance as it does aesthetics and the emotion their products evoke. The military heritage of this Company is evident throughout the market segments it serves in the attention to detail and care that is given to each and every design it produces.

CEO, Alex Umbra, commented, "When considering the manufacturing process that would support the development and delivery of the Aegis pin, we approached it from the perspective of commissioning a work of art reminiscent of a fine timepiece or bespoke automobile. We carefully weighed processes that would yield a product worthy of the UAT badge and suggestive of the type of artisanship our customers have grown to expect when being introduced to a newly released UAT design." Umbra continued, "Details matter and perfection is not something we shoot for in the hope that we land on the mark, it is the only acceptable outcome for a product designed by UAT. In adhering to this principle, perfection is no longer the benchmark; UAT is."

By introducing the medical profession to the Aegis fixation pin, Umbra Applied Technologies has brought forth the most significant advance in bone fixation since the last significant advance made by Raoul Hoffmann in 1938 and more than 100 years since the first threaded pin was used. Uncompromising in its design and engineering the Aegis external fixation pin sets a new industry standard for biotech while enhancing its fundamental purpose.

To learn more about the Aegis external fixator pin with ASP click here: http://umbraappliedtechnologies.com/uat-biotech/

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