TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwired - September 29, 2016) - The Jewelry Exchange, one of the nation's leading jewelry manufacturers and retailers and is proud to introduce the latest breakout star. The "Heart of the Sea" is a 34 ½ carat total weight necklace that features a tanzanite gemstone surrounded by brilliant round diamonds. This stunning diamond necklace was inspired by timeless stories of love and hope.

The large tanzanite heart at the center of this elegant necklace displays the rare beauty of this unique piece. Tanzanite gemstones were discovered less than a century ago. Although the discovery was unintended, it gave the world a gemstone that would forever change the jewelry industry and provide a new and exquisite beauty for all. Tanzanite is remarkable for its illustrious color that shifts between appearing sapphire blue, violet and burgundy and is usually presented in round or oval shapes, making this heart a rare find. The Jewelry Exchange carries a variety of tanzanite jewelry pieces in our store locations and online at http://www.jewelryexchange.com

The Heart of the Sea is a one of kind piece that will sink your eyes and heart into a state of wonder. Each diamond shows waves and waves of extraordinary fire and brilliance. The Heart of the Sea is an unusual beloved piece that is as magical and unique as the deepest ocean.

The Jewelry Exchange is renowned for providing a beginning to each love story with beautiful unique pieces such as the "Heart of the Sea" as well as affordable engagement rings and diamond jewelry. Along with engagement rings the Jewelry Exchange is a forerunner in the jewelry industry providing a great range of jewelry for all.

Goldenwest Diamond Corporation owns and operates the Jewelry Exchange. They have many large certified diamonds available at prices to match nearly every budget, and set into jewelry manufactured on site in order to give customers the best possible deals on diamond jewelry.

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