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The Honourable Judy M. Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, today marked the 175th anniversary of the Canada Gazette, the official Government of Canada newspaper.

Since its inception on October 2, 1841, the Canada Gazette has served as an important publication for the Government and Canadians.

The Canada Gazette plays an important role in enabling citizens to participate in the regulatory process of the country by allowing them to comment on the proposed regulations. It also includes topics of interest to the public, such as administrative tribunal decisions, government department public notices and official appointments.

Recent and archived versions of the Canada Gazette are available online.


"The Canada Gazette has been an important publication in support of Canadian democracy for 175 years. Not only can a great deal of Canada's history be found in the proclamations published in the Canada Gazette, but it has served the important role of connecting Canadians to their government. I am pleased to mark the occasion of this achievement and encourage Canadians to continue using this tool to make their opinions known on their government's proposed regulations."

The Honourable Judy M. Foote, Minister of Public Services and Procurement

Quick Facts

  • The Act of Union, which took effect on February 10, 1841, united Upper and Lower Canada into the Province of Canada. On Saturday, October 2, 1841, the Canada Gazette became the official newspaper of the new government, publishing new Acts of Parliament.
  • In 1998, all three parts of the Canada Gazette became accessible on the Internet. With an average of 3,500 to 5,000 downloaded pages of the Gazette per day, even more Canadians are taking advantage of a quick and reliable way to get information about the laws of the country, as well as the opportunity to comment on proposed regulations.
  • Canadians can actively contribute to the regulatory process by sending their comments or concerns to the appropriate department or agency via the Gazette's Consultation page.
  • Since 1886, the Queen's Printer, responsible for publishing the Canada Gazette and mandatory publications, has been an officer named by the Minister of Public Services and Procurement. The present Queen's Printer is Marie Lemay, Deputy Minister of Public Services and Procurement.
  • The Canada Gazette, Part I, contains the proposed regulations that citizens can comment on, and is published weekly.
  • The Canada Gazette, Part II, contains all regulations that have been enacted, as well as statutory instruments and other documents, such as orders in council, orders and proclamations, and is published every other Wednesday.
  • The Canada Gazette, Part III, contains public Acts of Parliament, and is published as soon as reasonably possible after the Acts have received royal assent.

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