MightyRecruiter Officially Unveils Its Powerful Recruiting Solution at HR Tech

From Sourcing Through Candidate Management, MightyRecruiter Streamlines and Accelerates Recruiting

CHICAGO, IL and SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 4, 2016) - At the 19th Annual HR Tech Conference -- MightyRecruiter, a new easy to use, all-in-one solution that transforms a company's recruiting processes, formally launched today at the 19th Annual HR Tech Conference. Having conducted a successful controlled release with rave reviews earlier in 2016, MightyRecruiter is now in general availability.

"Having an end-to-end platform that easily cascades my job postings to the best possible resources makes it easy to find highly qualified candidates," commented Karen Herman, senior recruiter at DocuSign. "MightyRecruiter automates my recruiting process and is a unique solution that no other company offers."

One-stop Recruiting Solution For Companies of Any Size

Demand and competition for qualified candidates continues to grow, making it challenging for recruiters and hiring managers to source, attract and engage the best candidates. Built upon the premise that hiring shouldn't have to be hard, MightyRecruiter provides hiring leaders and recruiters with a powerful, one-stop candidate recruiting solution geared to access the entire ecosystem of job seekers and the ability to instantly tap into more than 17 million unique resumes. It also helps recruiters find and attract the great talent they want in this pointedly competitive market by simplifying complex recruiting processes -- like managing multiple job postings -- and by helping recruiters optimize their sourcing strategies.

Users benefit from the combination of MightyRecruiter's advanced technology and the human expertise of MightyRecruiter's job promotion experts, who help recruiters build a customized strategy to optimize outreach campaign budgets and identify the best sources for talent. This signature MightyRecruiter approach ensures recruiters and hiring managers can find candidates efficiently, before the competition does.

IDC's Research Vice President, HR and Talent Management Services, Lisa Rowan, observed, "At IDC, we view demonstrations of hundreds of recruiting solutions annually. Being able to source and manage candidates from one platform is preferred as it eliminates the need for busy recruiters, hiring managers and even executives to toggle back-and-forth between job boards, applications and Excel spreadsheets. MightyRecruiter is particularly unique as it can address the needs of an organization whether it makes five hires annually or 5,000."

Comprehensive Functionality Transforms Recruitment

MightyRecruiter's capabilities include:

  • Centralized candidate management: Users can manage all applicants in one place, viewing a candidate's details in a single snapshot as they move through the hiring lifecycle. Recruiters and hiring managers can track who responds to which job positions, communicate with job seekers through a simple messaging system and capture salient notes on individual candidates.
  • Mobile-friendly job seeker experience: Built on a mobile-responsive platform, MightyRecruiter delivers a predictable mobile-friendly experience to candidates, so they can view job descriptions and apply anytime, anywhere on any devices.
  • One-click, multi-channel ad placements: MightyRecruiter enables users to post jobs to thousands of free and premium job boards from a single platform, while a simple user interface and easily manageable dashboards help to manage campaigns and track results.
  • Instant access to millions of candidates: Recruiters can leverage 17 million unique resumes, gaining access to qualified talent and filling their critical positions much faster.
  • Find the right candidates more easily: By filtering job applications based on status, star rankings, base requirements and commuting distance, among other fully configurable attributes including customized screening questionnaires, recruiters can better pinpoint the best candidates, while eliminating those who don't meet the requirements for success.
  • Amplified job postings: Recruiters get more from their postings with MightyRecruiter's premium job ad placement and promotion. Through a combination of technology and human insight, MightyRecruiter helps users develop custom job promotion plans to optimize job board spend and identify the best sites for posting, ensuring the most efficient use of job sourcing investment.

Designed by Recruiting Experts

"Developed by a team of recruiting technologists with decades of experience, MightyRecruiter centralizes and streamlines a company's recruiting operations," said Dawn Crew, chief marketing officer of MightyRecruiter. "Employers gain a comprehensive solution from which they can conduct their most crucial recruiting activities and find the people their businesses need to thrive, in a fast, efficient and cost-effective manner."

MightyRecruiter will demonstrate its solution in Booth 412 at the HR Tech Conference, October 4-6. Visit https://www.mightyrecruiter.com for additional information about MightyRecruiter.