WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwired - Oct 6, 2016) - Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. (OTC PINK: AVOZ) is pleased to be the new home for the back catalog and future musical releases of five-time Grammy Award winning musician, composer, and performer Roy "FutureMan" Wooten.

Futureman's current catalog of five titles will be made available via Altavoz's Back Catalog Distribution Deal, which includes digital and physical distribution services to online outlets, brick and mortar stores, and libraries. FutureMan will also take advantage of Altavoz's Manufacturing on Demand Music (MODM) service, giving the artist and his releases complete market coverage without the risk of making, holding and shipping physical inventory across the globe. 

All of the services offered will be supported through a unique opportunity only offered through Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. The Finance Distribution Deal offers suppliers the ability to leverage limited budgets for manufacturing and packaging, as well as marketing and promotion. This advance payment option loan allows artists and labels to conserve budgets and still make their mark through greater visibility and sales opportunities.

"We know that today's independent artists, bands, and labels need manufacturing and marketing support and that's where our Financed Distribution Deal comes into play," said Nelson Jacobsen, CEO Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. "Having this deal come to market with FutureMan's back catalog and his newest release, is such an honor. We have deep respect for his talents and look forward to working with him." 

About Financed Distribution Deal
No up-front cost with Sliding payout scale. Altavoz Entmt will offer an advanced payment option on the established Digital & physical distribution deals {D3, PD2, DPD2} presently offered; Also covers back-catalog alta-carte distribution services setup fees. This will allow suppliers to leverage limited budgets for manufacturing & packaging, marketing and promotional budgets. The Financed Distribution Deal covers setup fees only and does not included Label Boot Camp™ or in-stores marketing funds. FinancedDistributionDeal.com

About Roy Futureman Wooten
Roy Wooten is an inventor, scientist, musician, composer and five-time Grammy Award winning performer with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones known as "FutureMan". FutureMan's unique percussion technique inspired his first invention, "The Drumitar," which allows him to replicate the sounds of an entire contemporary drum kit with his fingers. His desire to continue exploring the drums led to his second creation, "The RoyEl": A futuristic piano that can express the entire orchestra in any mathematical tuning and musical temperament. The tuning philosophy behind FutureMan's piano technique employs the power and science of Mother Nature with a tuning technology (developed by Dr. Wayne Kirby) called "Serious Composer," which enables one to create music with the natural musical ratios of Nature, such as the Golden Mean (Phi) and the periodic table of elements. FutureMan also uses dynamic touch pressure on his piano keys to change notes the same way a trumpet uses lip pressure on the mouthpiece to play different pitches.

About Altavoz Entertainment, Inc.
Altavoz is an independent, full service entertainment distributor offering a wide range of physical and digital distribution, marketing and payment solutions. Altavoz is widely known for being distributor of record for the highly acclaimed "Goldenheart" project from Dawn Richard. To that end, Altavoz ensures artists and producers have access to a unique array of traditional and out of the box distribution channels and are creatively promoted so they can build their presence, make their mark, and earn a living all with a social conscience via our Help Earth Foundation. Altavoz is a subsidiary of Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. (OTC PINK: AVOZ) visit http://altavoz.com.

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